9 Awesome Things About Goji Berries That Explain Why You Should Eat Them

Manage Diabetes: Preventing and managing diabetes is very important. Recent studies concluded that the extracts of goji berries possess considerable hypoglycaemic properties and manage diabetes without any negative side effects.

Balance Cholesterol: LDL cholesterol forms plaque-like structures inside the blood vessels and arteries that obstruct the blood flow. Recent studies have shown that the intake of goji berries reduces high LDL cholesterol levels.

Rid Toxins: Toxins in the body can damage our tissues, cells, cell membranes, and DNA, which can cause the development of various diseases. Numerous studies suggest that the consumption of goji berries can help in the reduction of toxins in the body.

Prevent Cancer: Scientific investigations into goji berry fruit extracts revealed various anti-cancerous properties. They were tested on human cancer cells, which showed the stoppage of cancer cell developing.

Improve Vision: Goji berry can help the eyes, due to its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants protect the eyes from toxins that may cause cataracts, loss of eyesight, and other eye-related issues.

Promote Brain Health: Damaged brain cells can develop neurodegenerative diseases. These neurodegenerative diseases can be effectively countered by consuming goji berries because the fruit has significant antitoxins activity.

Protect Liver: Goji berries have been used traditionally used to treat frequently treat liver diseases. The extracts of goji berry showed toxin scavenging in the liver and protective properties.

source: http://alkalinevalleyfoods.com/