8 Early Warning Signs Your Kidneys Aren’t Working As Well As They Should!

The kidneys are important organs which filter the blood in order to make urine and remove waste from the body. They are vital for our overall health and should be kept clean and properly functioning at all times. If their function is somehow impaired, you will put your health at great risk.

There are different factors that can affect the kidneys and cause various disorders. In order to prevent damage to the organs, you need to recognize the symptoms of kidney disorders on time. Here’s what you should pay attention to:

Back pain

Pain in the back and the area around the kidneys is a pretty good indicator that something’s wrong.


The kidneys produce a hormone called erythropein which is important for the number of red blood cells in the body. If the numbers are low, it can result in fatigue and exhaustion that can affect your daily activities and way of life.

Metallic taste in the mouth

If the food you often eat starts tasting strange and you’re experiencing metallic taste in the mouth, it may be caused by accumulated waste in the blood as a result of failing kidneys.

Skin rashes

When the kidneys aren’t able to purify the blood, toxins accumulate in it which causes rashes on the skin.

Shortness of breath

Although a symptom of numerous respiratory problems, shortness of breath may also be a sign of kidney disorders. It occurs due to the low numbers of red blood cells which reduce the amount of oxygen in the body.

Changes in the urine

Dark, pale and foamy urine as well as increased urge to urinate and pain during urination are all signs of kidney problems.


When the kidneys are failing, excess fluid will accumulate in the body and cause swelling in the hands, face and joints.

Dizziness and loss of focus

Failing kidneys can lead to inadequate levels of oxygen in the body, resulting in loss of focus and dizziness.

If you notice any of the symptoms, especially a combination of some, we strongly suggest visiting a doctor. Kidney disorders are nothing to play with and should be treated as soon as possible!

source: http://superhealthypage.com