7 Mistakes That We Make In The Sun Which Threaten The Health Of Our Skin

We all know well the rules of good and healthy sunbathing, but then again we constantly make a few mistakes.

We know well that it is better to avoid the sun between 11a.m. and 5p.m. and that it is necessary to use as much sunscreen cream as possible.

But sometimes we do not apply enough cream or opt for a factor that does not protect enough.

These are the 7 basic errors that we make in the sun:

We do not apply enough cream
For adequate protection from harmful ultraviolet rays make sure to cover every part of the body well. This is especially true for the face. On average, you will need about 40ml means every spread.

We forget to apply a new layer of sunbathing lotion
You arrive early in the morning at the beach and you apply lotion for sunbathing then and think it is enough for the day.

Proper protection from the sun’s rays involves applying lotion after each swimming in the sea or in the lake. Even if you do not enter in water, perspiration reduces the ability of the lotion and it is needed that you apply it again from time to time.

We use a product with wrong SPF factor
It is important to know that creams with SPF factor prevent the influence of UVB rays. The number of the factor of the cream depends on its power to absorb these beams and protect the skin. The bigger the number the better you are protected.

Those who have extremely delicate and sensitive skin need to use SPF 50 factor.

We use a tan spray in a wrong way
Sprays are more easy and quick to rub than creams, but their downside is that they do not cover the entire surface of the skin.

For proper spray application, it is necessary to hold it about 5 seconds on individual places and then smear it with hands.

We forget to use the sunbathing product
Milk with SPF is not to be used only while you are on the beach. You also need protection during the walk in the city, in fact, always when the sun touches your skin.

Experts recommend applying a cream with a minimum 30 SPF.

We do not use a sunbathing product under the clothes
Believe it or not- clothes are not enough to protect your body from harmful radiation. The regular white shirt only has 3 SPF. Therefore it is necessary to use protective creams and lotions and to apply them on the surface of the body during the hot summer days.

We forget the eyelids, ears and scalp.
When applying the cream, most of us forget to apply it on certain parts of the head as ears or eyelids, for example. These body parts are sensitive to the harmful effects of UV rays and burning too.

Such is the case with the crown of the head. When it comes to hair, if you do not want to be greasy after applying creams, you can use some lighter varieties of sprays that quickly dry.

source: http://www.goodmorningcenter.com