5 Foods That Protect The Brain From Damage and Aging Effects

Before we begin, it is important to emphasize that there is no food, which will replace the balanced and varied diet and make you a new Einstein by itself.

The brain is an organ that uses absolutely all of the vitamins and minerals, in larger or smaller amounts. The lack of any nutrient can have a negative impact on the brain.

However, there are foods which can provide everything that the brain needs for its normal function. There are foods that protect the brain from damage and aging effects. Let us tell you some of the most important foods:.


Blueberry is a fruit full of antioxidants that mitigate the damage caused by oxidation.

Since the brain is one of the organs that are under the greatest impact (due to high energy consumption), antioxidants play an important role in the preservation of that organ.

In one study on older people with an average age of 76 years, a regular consumption of blueberry juice resulted in the improvement of the memory for most of the participants.


Walnuts are another food rich in omega 3 fats, but they also contain several important nutrients for the brain.

In United Kingdom there was a recently conducted study on 64 students, where scientists have tried to find a link between the consumption of walnuts and improved mental abilities.

Subjects who ate walnuts had better verbal reasoning abilities (they did this part of the test with 11.2% improvement).

Most fish contain omega 3 fatty acids, especially those greasier like the salmon. When we take into account the fact that even 25% of the brain is made up of one type of omega 3 fatty acids (DHA) then it is clear why this is the ultimate brain food.

Fish which are the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids are: tuna, mackerel, salmon, sturgeon, mullet, arrow, anchovies, sardines and trout.If you can not buy the fish for some reason, there are omega 3 capsules that you can buy at the pharmacy. Besides the brain, they are good for the heart.Omega 3 is especially effective in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Eggs are one of the best sources of the nutrient choline. Choline is necessary for the brain because of the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which has an effect on memory, structure and organization of various brain regions, and the creation of neurons and synapses in the brain.

This nutrient affects the brain even before birth. Some studies indicate that the intake of large quantities of choline during pregnancy is beneficial to the long-term memory of the child.

It is believed that it is possible to predict the memory in the old age, based on how much choline did the mother take in the pregnancy (this is tested on animals).

It should be mentioned that the eggs also contain selenium, another nutrient for healthy brain.

Another good source of choline besides the eggs is the veal liver.

Besides the numerous vitamins that contains, grapes have a resveratrol, antioxidant that became famous over the allegations that it can prolong your life. Few people know that the resveratrol can delay or completely prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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