3 Stretches to Beat Back Pain Immediately!

Many people are very familiar with dreadful back pain because they are not physically active or spend too much time sitting. Especially frequent is the pain in the lower back.

Due to burdening of the lower back and improper posture, back pain occurs. This unpleasant situation can be also caused by fatigue or stress. Today we will present some simple and effective exercises that shouldn’t take more than one minute. These are the thing you should do:

1.Sit down, try to relax and close your eyes.

2.Place the tip of the tongue behind the upper jaw.

3.By counting to 4, slowly inhale, hold the breath till 7 and on 8 finally exhale through the mouth. If you feeling relieved when exhaling, try to make a noise.

4.Do this procedure 3-5 times.

Do the following stretching exercises, if you want to relieve the back pain before go to bed (it will take you only 1 minute)

1.Support your body with your forearms and lie down on your stomach.

2.Support yourself with the palms and lift your upper body. Rise the head and stay in that position for 8 seconds and afterwards return your body to the initial position. Do the exercises a few times.

3.Stretch the arms and next to the body and bend your knees by lying down on the back. Try to lift the torso, stay in that position for 8 seconds and then return the body to the starting position. Do the exercises a few times.

4.Bend your knees, remain on your back, keep them close to the chest and then embrace them the arms. Stay in the position for 8 seconds and after that return to the starting position. Do the exercise several times and more.

source: http://www.healthyfoodplace.com