The Most Efficient Home Remedy for Joint Inflammation!

The joint inflammation can be the reason for a many health problems, for e.g. arthritis, lumbar and gout spinal stenosis. The medicine isn’t a powerful enough at treating the joint agony, and that’s why there are natural remedies that can heal this huge health problem.

This remedy is consisted from two healing ingredients : coconut oil and cayenne pepper.

The cayenne pepper is rich with capsaicin. That’s a compound which is an analgesic and has strong anti-inflammatory effect. It’s discovered that it mitigates pain. A research distributed in Clinical Therapeutics, discovered that the capsaicin cream gives relief to patients who are experiencing pain related to arthritis, so the researchers to made the statement that “capsaicin cream is a viable and protected treatment for arthritis.”

The coconut oil, also is considered as great natural remedy for joint inflammation,. It contains a gathering of fats which are known as fatty acids(medium-chain). They show amazing recuperating properties. Coconut oil has great capacity for diminishing inflammation, and it serves to relief inflamed joints and tissues.

The Method of Preparation:


  • 2 tbsp cayenne pepper
  • half a cup of coconut oil
Blend the coconut oil and the cayenne pepper together. Then apply the mixture to the inflamed joint. This remedy will stop the joint inflammation very efficiently.