The Best Way To Cleanse Your Liver Completely Within 4 Days!

Today we decided to present you the simplest and the most effective way to cleanse your liver and to perform detoxification. The consumption of raisins is the perfect way for cleaning your liver.

Liver is responsible for decomposition of toxins in the body which represents organism’s biochemical laboratory.  Besides bacterial and viral infections, poor diet, medicaments, alcohol, it can also affect our health.

Remedy for cleansing the liver

Put a cup of raisins in cold water and let it stay from 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards wash out the raisins under water. Place the washed raisins in water which was previously boiled. Let I stay in the water for one day (24 hours).

You can eat the raisins and drink the water (the liquid from the raisins) the next day. The last step that you should is to lie on your back from 2-3 hours. Put hot water bottle on the right side of your stomach. You can repeat the procedure once a week for a month, (four times a month), twice a year.

Have a nice day, clean your liver and share the results!