Six Tips for Removing Earwax at Home

Your inner ear is a delicate part of your ear canal, it is so sensitive that it has to be protected from microorganisms, bacteria and dust particles, and this is where the earwax is so important.

Apart from providing protection to your inner ear where your ear drum lies it also provides a natural lubrication for your ear canal.

However, while earwax is so important to your ear, it can build up to an extent where the excess earwax needs to be removed as it causes;

-Loss of hearing
-General discomfort
-A feeling of fullness in ear(s)
It becomes necessary to remove this excess earwax in your ear canal.

Why Is There A Buildup Of Earwax?

Here are reasons why you may have a clog up of ear wax in your ear canal.

Here are reasons why you may have a clog up of ear wax in your ear canal.

-Wrong use of Q-tips, you could push the earwax further down your ear canal leaving an accumulation of earwax in your inner ear.
-Frequent wearing of earplugs, particularly those who work in high noise or noisy areas.
-Frequent wearing of ear bud headphones.

Check Out Some Symptoms Of Excess Earwax

Excessive earwax can cause the following symptoms;

Reduced hearing
Regular ringing in your ears
Ear canal drainage
Full feeling in your ears
Itching in your ear canal
How To Get Rid Of Excessive Earwax

The temptation to use cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean your ears and rid it of excess earwax should be avoided as you will only end up pushing the earwax further down the ear canal thereby clogging it up.

You can use these homemade recipes to help remove excess earwax.

1. Try A Saline Solution:
You can use this saline solution to get excess earwax out of your ears.

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt (7.5g) in about 1/2 a cup (100 ml) of water.
You should soak cotton ball in the saline solution.
Drop a couple of drops into your ear canal, ensure that you tilt your head to one side while you drop the solution in your ear.
Keep this posture for a couple of minutes to allow the solution work its way down your ear canal.
Tilt your head to the other side and use some toilet roll or tissue to soak the liquid as it drains out.

2. Use Paraffin Oil:
Paraffin oil is very effective in removing excess earwax, it can be readily obtained from pharmacies.

Just heat 2-3 tbsps of paraffin oil.
You can heat it over a candle flame.
You can then put a couple of drops in your ear canal and keep your tilted posture for some minutes.
Use warm water to thoroughly rinse out the excess wax in your ear canal.
You will effectively dissolve the excess earwax in your ears if you try this procedure for three days in a row.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Is Very Useful:
Ensure that you mix an equal part of water and hydrogen peroxide.
Your hydrogen peroxide should be the one with a 3% strength.
Just put a couple of drops in your ear and gently shake your head to allow the mixture get into your ear canal.
Just leave the drops in your ears then you tilt your head to the other side to allow the liquid drain out easily.

4. Try Removing Excess Earwax With Glycerin:
This solution will help dissolve the excess earwax in your ear canal for it to be removed easily. Glycerin is readily available in your local pharmaceutical stores, just use about 4 drops of this natural product in each of your ears, do this thrice daily for maximum effect.

5.Try The Alcohol And Vinegar Solution:
Combine equal parts of alcohol and white vinegar in a bowl.
Get a cotton ball and soak it in the solution.
Drain any excess solution from the cotton ball.
Put some drops of this solution in each of your ears to help dissolve the excess earwax and relieve you from the symptoms of earwax accumulation aforementioned.

6. Olive oil Is Quite Effective:
You can dissolve excess earwax in your ear canal with olive oil.

Before bedtime just put 2 drops of olive oil in your ear.
Make sure you sleep on your other side to avoid the olive oil from draining out.
You can try this for 3-4 consecutive nights for best results.