Reduce Stains On Your Face Skin With This Handmade Parsley Soap

Did you know that in addition to having whitening effects, parsley can also be very suitable for regulating the pH of the skin and combating acne and blackheads on the face skin?

The appearance of spots on the skin is one of the aesthetic problems that often cause discomfort among women of all ages.

These occur because of an alteration in melanin production, either due to hormonal issues or lack of protection from exposure to the sun.

Although it does not usually represent a health problem, its presence can cause low self-esteem due to the notorious alteration that the skin suffers.

Because of this, the cosmetic industry has been in charge of designing creams and whitening products whose regular use minimizes their appearance.

The problem is that these options tend to be expensive and not all have the facility to acquire them recurrently.

Luckily, there are 100% natural formulas that, for a low price, provide similar effects without causing adverse reactions.

This is the case of a homemade parsley soap, recognized for its exfoliating and lightening properties, which, together, help achieve a uniform tone skin.

Below we tell you what your benefits are and how you can do it at home in a few simple steps.

Handmade parsley soap to reduce skin blemishes

The traditional soap parsley is an alternative product, for its combination of ingredients, it helps remove impurities that cause the appearance of spots dark skin.

This herb, its main ingredient, has excelled in the cosmetic industry as a skin lightener that significantly diminishes imperfections.

-Its regular use provides the dermis with a high concentration of antioxidants, substances that inhibit the negative action of oxidative stress and UVA rays while preventing premature aging and cellular wear.
-It contains interesting amounts of vitamins C and E, necessary to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two substances that keep the skin firm and young.
-Their phytonutrients exert whitening and regenerating effects that, after being assimilated, decrease hyperpigmentation of the skin to reduce the noticeable spots.
-Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce episodes of allergies and irritation and prevent alterations in the texture and color of the face.
-It is also ideal for improving circulation under the skin and, thus, optimizing the oxygenation process that helps repair the cells.
-Among other things, this product helps to regulate the cutaneous pH and prevent acne, blackheads and other alterations derived from the excessive production of fat.

How to make this homemade parsley soap?

To elaborate this homemade soap with exfoliating and clarifying properties you must make sure to acquire fresh and 100% natural ingredients.

Keep in mind that although it is designed to diminish the appearance of blemishes, it can also be prepared in cases of acne, skin diseases, and sensitive skin.

Its results are not usually given from the first application, but day to day help to give a healthier and aesthetic tone to the skin.


-½ cup infusion of green tea (125 ml)
-½ cup infusion of parsley (125 ml)
-2 tablespoons milk powder (20 g)
-2 tablespoons oatmeal (20 g)
-6 tablespoons of glycerin soap (60 g)
-2 tablespoons organic honey (50 g)


-Wooden spoon
-Deep container
-Molds for soap bars


-Prepare the infusions of the plants, adding two or three tablespoons of the leaves in half a cup of boiling water.
-When they are warm, pass them through a colander, pour them in a deep bowl.
Then mix the liquid with the powdered milk, the oatmeal and the honey.
-Remove everything with a wooden spoon and make sure you get a creamy and homogeneous paste .
-In a separate bowl, melt the glycerin soap into the water bath on low heat.
When it has a liquid consistency, remove it from the heat and stir in the creamy paste before it cools.
-Store the soap in the molds and let it stand until it solidifies well.