Powerful Garlic Syrup That Calms Cough Instantly!

The climate in winter is the main cause of your constant cough and chest pain. In order to naturally get rid of this condition you should use this garlic syrup with powerful effect. The powerful mix of curing and natural ingredients will help you to dispose of the cough fast.

Recipe for this Powerful Garlic Syrup:


  • 220 grams / 8 oz  of honey
  • six cloves of garlic
  • one white radish
  • 230 ml / 8 oz of lemon juice
  • one clove purple onions

Method of preparation:

First, wash all the ingredients, then peel them, chop and grind them all together in a blender. Include the fresh lemon juice and the nectar, and then mix it well until the mixture becomes homogeneous. After that pour the mixture into a glass container.

Place the syrup in the refrigerator and keep it there for one week.

The adults can take two teaspoons per day, relying on their condition they can take significantly additionally, and one teaspoon a day is recommended for children.

After the first use of this syrup, your cough will instantly start to disappear and soon will completely vanish. All the ingredients are very easy to find and are pure gifts of the nature and this makes this syrup even better weapon against cough.

source: http://losingweightdone.com