Potatoes and Vitamin C Reduce Stomach Cancer Risk

A recent research has highlighted the anti-cancer properties of a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables. The study has found that the patients with stomach cancer can benefit from eating potatoes and the foods rich in vitamin C.

According to the study, eating potatoes and a few other white vegetables can help in reducing the risk of stomach cancer by almost 33%. It has also found that eating fruits containing high levels of vitamin C can reduce the risk by 7 percent.

The researchers at the Zhejiang University gathered and compared the data from 76 prior studies, conducted in the US, Japan, Europe, Korea, and China. The study involved 6,316,385 patients who were followed up for an average duration of 11 years.

The study is the most comprehensive one undertaken to date based on the link between stomach cancer and food.

Though the findings did not indicate any significant link between the total intake of vegetables and the risk of stomach cancer, it did find that the white vegetables like potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, chard, celery and leek have a protective effect on the stomach and reduce the risk of cancer in the organ. Green-yellow vegetables like celery and cabbage also seemed to produce a protective effect on the stomach.

The study also found that the intake of each additional 100 gms of fruits rich in vitamin C per day reduced the risk of stomach cancer by 7 percent.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, which helps to cut down the cancer risk by acting as an antioxidant. It reduces the cellular stress in the stomach and fights a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori, which is a very common cause of gastric cancer. Vitamin C is also found to be beneficial in the treatment of pancreatic and prostate cancers.

The foods that increased the risk of stomach cancer included salted fish, processed meat, high-salt food, and beer.

These findings hold a lot of significance given the fact that the rate of complete recovery of thestomach cancer patients who are treated only with the conventional modes of treatment like radiation, chemotherapy or surgery is very low.

Besides, the surgical procedures performed for the removal of the cancer mass can result in serious complications due to the decrease in the stomach’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients from the foods.

Chemotherapy is also known to cause significant damage to the lining of the stomach, thus interfering with its ability to digest foods.

The latest research has given hopes to find a possible cure for stomach cancer. The study concluded that diet plays a key role in the development as well as prevention of stomach cancer. This study can help the cancer patients to improve their chances of recovery by making changes in their diet.

source: getholistichealth