Natural Drops For Varicose Veins – Make Them Yourself

There a lot of people who suffer from varicose veins. The drops that are used for this treatment are so expensive. In the following text we are going to present an excellent alternative to those drops. Do not waste your time and money and improve your circulations with the following drops recipe:


    1 liter of 40% alcohol
    50 grams of mixed healing herbs
    50 grams of wort
    50 grams of dried nettle leaves


Put the healing herbs, wort and nettle leaves in a jar. Add the alcohol and mix them well and then close and keep the jar on cold and dark area for twenty days.

After the twentieth day, strain the mixture and put the drops that you will get in a glass bottle. We’ll recommend you to keep the bottle in the fridge on cold place.

Way of consuming:

Take a teaspoon of the drops one per day. The morning is the perfect time to consume the drops.

Do not spend your time and money, take the ingredients, make the recipe and start the treatment.