Mediterranean Diet , the Easiest Diet Rich with Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber !

Numerous studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is the easiest in the world. rich with flavors and colors and quickly gives a feeling of satiety.

The Mediterranean diet consists traditional dishes that are prepared in a simple way and from simple products. The carbohydrates (pasta, bread, pizza, rice, potatoes) are the base, but this diet is also rich with vegetables, fish, milk, cheese and olive oil, and all the flavors are enriched with spicy herbs.

Preference is given to the white, lean meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit) and you can eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Food Pyramid !

Products that are prevailing in the Mediterranean diet:

1. Bread, pasta and in general the carbohydrates, It’s better if they are integrated, they represent the most important and the biggest source of calories;

2. Fish over meat;

3. Beans (peas, beans, kidney beans, chickpeas) they replace the meat, but for full consumption of proteins they need to be combined with meat;

4. Fruits and vegetablesin large quantities;

5.. The meat and the salamis, the fermented cheese should be eaten moderately;

6. Cakes, sugar drinks and canned foods should be eaten only occasionally;

7. After meals you’re allowed a glass of wine; priority should be given to black wine which contain substances beneficial for the heart and the circulation.

More useful tips:

You should eat five meals a day so you can properly deploy the intake of nutrients.

Pasta must be spoof, easily digested and will give you satiety for longer time.

For lunch and dinner eat bread, preferably integral and It’s important to avoid the crackers that contain fat.

Three tablespoons of olive oil are allowed daily to enrich the food with flavor.

Two or three times a week consumption of white meat (only once or twice red) is predicted.

Fish is recommended two or three times a week, and priority should be given to blue fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel …).

At each meal you should eat vegetables, and at least twice a day eat one portion with fruit.

Every day you should consume dairy products, milk and yogurt.

Healthy choice !

The Mediterranean diet is based on products that are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and don’t contain large amounts of fat.

Entry of large amounts of fiber (from products of plant origin) that are easily digested It’s anticipated and  quickly gives a feeling of satiety.

The vegetables and the fruits contain vitamins and minerals, therefore, they increase the immune system and are helpful against stress.

Small amounts of fat reduce the risk of diseases of the blood vessels.

The intake of unsaturated fatty acids (olive oil and fish) instead of saturated fatty acids (fats of animal origin, which are found in meat, butter, salamis) helps in the fight against diabetes.


The Mediterranean diet provides daily intake of approximately 1,400 calories. This diet lasts for one month and It’s followed by a maintenance program that lasts for two weeks.

You can replace the lunch and the dinner .

Two tablespoons of olive oil are allowed daily as a spice.

In one day 2 teaspoons sugar are allowed, and in that case the amount of olive oil drops to one tablespoon.

Water and tea are allowed to drink at your choice.

You can eat fruit for snacks, 400 grams per day is allowed.


Breakfast :
- Coffee or tea; four slices of toast with integral four teaspoons of honey;
- A fruity yogurt; Integrated dry biscuits; 50 grams of dried fruit or a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice

Lunch: 80 grams of pasta seasoned with strained tomatoes and basil; 200 grams of cooked zucchini; 60 grams of whole-grain bread
Dinner: soup 40 grams of rice and vegetables; omelet of eggs and spinach

Lunch: sandwiches with sardines, 80 grams of mozzarella, lettuce and tomato
Dinner: turkey breast with mushrooms, 60 grams of whole-grain bread; lettuce

Lunch: 160 grams Pizza Margarita; mixed salad
Dinner: salad of beans; 60 grams of whole-grain bread, 20 grams of cooked green beans

Lunch: 80 grams risotto with saffron and a teaspoon of grated cheese; mixed salad
Dinner: 150 grams  beef with 100 grams of potatoes

Lunch: 80 grams of wholegrain pasta seasoned with tomatoes and 60 grams peas, mixed salad
Dinner: fish cooked in foil; 300 grams of cooked spinach

Lunch: 180 grams of potato balls seasoned with tomatoes and a teaspoon of grated cheese; 200 grams  chicory; 60 grams of whole-grain bread
Dinner: vegetable soup with barley,  beans and other vegetables  (carrots, celery, tomatoes); lettuce

Lunch: pasta with zucchini  ; 300 grams of cooked spinach
Dinner: 60 grams of rice flavored with oil and grated cheese; 200 grams of baked eggplants; 100 grams tomato salad.