Magnificent Green Smoothie for Natural Colon Cleansing!

Today we are going to present you magnificent green smoothie that will detoxify and clean your whole body, especially the colon. It will also remove the bacteria and toxins accumulated and hidden deep inside your body, increase the mental clarity and focus, energy and reduce your carvings.

Green smoothie is proven source of minerals for healthy bones, clearer skin, rich with chlorophyll etc.The preparation of the amazing drink is very simple, fast and you will definitely enjoy consuming the miraculous green smoothie that will protect and relax your eyes.

You need the following organic ingredients to prepare the drink:


  •     1 green juicy apple
  •     50 grams fresh mango
  •     Fresh grated ginger (a little bit)
  •     1 small banana
  •     50 grams fresh basil
  •     1 kiwi


The first you should is to wash all the products, then chop the apple, mango, banana kiwi into small pieces and place them in a blender. Afterwards cut the basil into very small pieces and grind a little bit from the ginger.

Put 200 ml of cold water in the blender and mix well the wonderful mixture for 30 seconds or more, until you get homogenous mass.

Due to efficient intestine absorption, you have to drink it slowly.
Have a nice day, enjoy the day and feel the differences in your body. Cheers!