Incredibly Good Health Benefits Of Banana Flower

Now we will tell you the best and the most excellent benefits of the consummation of banana flower

-Heals Ulcers
-Heals Anemia
-Makes stronger the uterus
-It relives the constipation
-Keeps control of the menstrual cycle
-Gives out better function of the kidneys
-Lowers the high blood pressure
-Represents an excellent food for lactating moms and people with diabetes

In what way you can prepare the banana flower curry:

-First of all, you will need one pan and you are going to put in it two tablespoons of oil images
-Next, you will put a couple of mustard seeds inside the pan, then you will have to wait until it sputters
-After that, you will have to put a couple of sliced green onions and chilies, and afterwards you will have to fry them in extremely good
-The next step is to finally put the banana flower in the combination
-Also, you will put some hing, salt, curry leaves, coriander powder as well as turmeric
-After you add these ingredients, you will pour some water inside the pan and then you will have to cover it with a lid and leave it like that for quite some time
-When a certain amount of time has passed, open the lid and put in the mixture some crushed coconut to the curry and then just stir it nicely
-And finally after all of this, the Banana Flower Curry is prepared for consummation