Discover How Eating Only One Banana A Day Can Prevent 9 Diseases And Keep You Fully Healthy!

I never leave the bananas aside in our diet not only because I love its flavor but also because of a number of benefits it brings to the body; If you are one of those who does not know these benefits or has only heard a little of this I invite you to know more about everything bananas can do for you and I know that as you always want at your table.


This fruit is known as banana, banana, ripe and guineo.; Has antioxidants but its best card is its high insulin content that reduces the risk of degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular, osteoporosis, obesity and cancer. It is rich in magnesium, so it prevents cramps and is ideal for recovering after your exercise routine.

To these are added the following properties:

Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, B9 (folic acid) and E contains bananas.

It contains tryptophan which is an essential amino acid necessary for normal growth in babies and in adults helps nitrogen balance. When speaking of an essential amino acid implies that the body does not produce it by itself and must be obtained by means of the feeding.

Fiber, this substance gives corpulence to your diet making you feel satisfied quickly, since it can not be digested is excreted from the body almost the same way it was ingested, with the difference that the fiber adheres to the fat you have Consumed to traverse the colon and be eliminated so it will help you control your weight, digestion, and constipation.

Minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc and iron).

Simple and complex carbohydrates, which are responsible for lending energy to the body.

It does not contain fats so it only provides 105 calories.


All the properties and nutrients that the bananas possess make it an extremely healthy food that brings benefits at the physical and mental level. Add them without hesitation to your daily diet and even if you are not very convinced I invite you to know the main contributions you will receive to heal or prevent many diseases and conditions just by consuming them.

1.Backs the cardiovascular system

Bananas have shown that their consumption helps fight and prevent heart conditions.

Reduces high blood pressure or hypertension. If you want to lower your blood pressure levels banana is a great ally for it since its high content of potassium and low sodium content is a great combination to achieve this goal.

Prevents heart attacks. According to research findings eating bananas usually, reduces the risk of death from heart attacks by 40%.

2.Beneficial to the digestive system

The consumption of bananas brings various benefits to the digestive system among which are:

It prevents gastric ulcers and protects the intestinal mucosa. Banana has a protective stomach power that helps in the processes of gastritis and prevents ulcers from forming.

It helps with heartburn. Its consumption has an antacid effect in the organism so it helps to overcome the heartburn.

Fight constipation. For its fiber content is a great ally if you suffer from constipation because it stimulates the bowel movement.

3.Supports psycho-emotional health

Eating bananas in your daily diet help strengthen mental and emotional health.

Help in cases of depression. The tryptophan that contains the banana already in the body becomes serotonin which is responsible for the people suffering from depression report improvement after consumption of this fruit.

It favors concentration. Research has shown that banana consumption is beneficial at the brain level since according to these studies students who eat bananas in the morning tend to have the better concentration for the rest of the day.

Control the nerves. Due to their content of vitamin B are excellent to reassure the nervous system especially in cases of stress or distress.

4.Aid in cases of anemia

Because of its high iron content, it stimulates the body to produce hemoglobin, which is beneficial in cases of anemia.

The consumption of bananas is ideal to improve your general health especially mental, cardiac, emotional and digestive health, so ingesting this noble fruit daily will fill you with benefits and help prevent diseases.

Both I and my family consume bananas in our daily diet and the benefits we receive from these are innumerable, consuming them is not monotonous since there are hundreds of ways to prepare them, I hope that you as Luca understand that bananas are more than a rich snack And add them to your meals daily, surely your body will thank you.