Consume This One Food The Proper Way For Successful Colon Cancer Prevention!

Excluding the skin cancer, colon-cancer is the 3th most-common cancer that is diagnosed in women and men in USA. For the cancer patients, the 2nd leading reason for death is the colon cancer.

Unfortunately, most of the colon cancer cases are diagnosed in their later stage that is very hard to heal, and the chance for successful treatment is severely decreased.

In case of colon-cancer, is way better to prevent it than to cure it, and the great news is that the consumption of flaxseeds could prevent colon cancer.

Lignansfrom Flaxseeds could Prevent Colon Cancer!

Flaxseeds aren’t just high in antioxidants, but also consist compounds known as lignans.

Lignans are phytoestrogens, which have a similar function as the estrogen in the body. Therefore, they could supplement the estrogen levels into the body and that’s why the flaxseeds are mostly used to fight the symptoms of menopause, for instance.

The lignans consumption could help to balance the estrogen function into the body, and this way can help the prevention of colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Consume Flaxseeds This Way for Preventing Colon Cancer!

If you don’t already consume flaxseeds on a daily base, then you have a good reason to start consuming them. You can read the eBook, called Natural-Health-Revolution-Program and find out more about the numerous medicinal qualities of flaxseeds.

Your stomach can’t get these welfares from the flaxseeds if you eat the whole flax seeds, because the stomach can’t break it down. That is the reason why you should use only fresh grounded flaxseed in order to get their benefits.

Two tablespoons of freshly grounded flaxseed will help you reduce the risks of colon-cancer, and it will aid you alleviate all the signs-symptoms of menopause. Also, they will provide you many cardiovascular welfares and improve your overall health.

You could also use flaxseeds together with kefir to cleanse your colon.