By Using This Rice Water Face Mask You Can Obtain To Look 10 Years Younger

Have you ever heard that rice is consisted of plenty of benefits for the health? The reason for that is due to the fact that rice is consisted of a bunch of linoleic acids as well as squalene, a very strong antioxidant that points out and expresses the collagen production inside the skin.

Moreover, squalene is extremely good for giving out protection of the skin from sun damages, plus it protects the skin from wrinkles and wrinkling. Another very helpful thing is the fact that rice has a very huge amount of gamma oryznol as well as vitamin E, so this helps in giving protection to the health of the heart as well as it reduces the cholesterol.

Then, rice is consisted of amazingly good effects for rejuvenation of the skin, so that is why the following recipe for rice water face mask it is going to help you in making your skin shiny and radiant, plus it is going to help you and make the wrinkles more soft.


The following are the necessary ingredients for this recipe:

-1 tablespoon of milk
-1 tablespoon of rice
-3 tablespoons of rice

This is the process of preparation of the recipe:

1.First you are going to boil the rice and after that you are going to leave it to strain and after that you are going to remove the water where the rice boiled and leave it aside.
2.Then, put some milk over the rice and make a mixture from them.
3.The next step is to stir the mixture nicely, so after that you may put some honey in it.
4.After that, you should clean nicely the skin and then you are going to put the mask over the face and leave it like that to get dry.
5.At the end you are supposed to remove the mask from the face and then just clean the face by using the same water where the rice boiled previously.

So, in order for you to obtain a nice, 10 years younger look, you should simply perform this process at least once per week and you are going to notice its benefits without losing any more time.