Awesome Remedy That Makes Your Lips Soft And Pink In Just 10 Min!

Applying lipstick is an important part of the makeup. The dark shades enhance our looks. However, regular lipstick use makes the lips dark and can lose their natural pink color. Also, those women who smoke face the problem of having rough lips that darken.

Other reasons can contribute to darkening of the lips and those are poor blood circulation, high stress, high humidity, lifestyle, chemotherapy, and also failure to remove make-up before going to sleep.

Luckily, there is a natural cure which can help you regain the pink color of your lips, making them more attractive. Just follow this recipe.


-1 tsp of sugar;
-1 cup of lemon juice.

How to prepare and apply it:

Combine the two ingredients together and mix them gently without dissolving the sugar. Apply it on your lips and scrub it gently. Next, rinse it off with warm water to remove the dead cells on the lips. Apply some lemon juice on your lips before going to bed and let it act during the night. The method should be followed 5-6 days. You will soon have soft and pink lips.