10 Signs Which Are Warning You of Liver Disease!

The liver, which is an integral organ of vertebrates and a number of other animals, has a number of functions including cleansing toxins from the blood, producing bile which helps with the digestion process, accumulating glucose for when it is needed. If some of these do not function properly, it may be an indication of a liver disease. We are going to present you 10 signs which can indicate a liver disease. If you notice any of these, immediately consult a doctor.

1. Alcohol misuse may affect your liver
The issue with this condition whose medical term is ARLD (Alcohol Related Liver Disease) is that there are no clear symptoms or signs in the early stages and it remains hidden. Provided that you consume excessive amounts of alcohol, you need to have systematic checkups and monitor the way your liver is managing the alcohol consumption. These test are beneficial since they revel certain enzymes in case the liver is damaged. Some manifestations in the later stages are vomiting blood, confusion and drowsiness.

2. You may be suffering from hepatitis
Viruses that attack the liver cause five types of hepatitis. The most important three are Hepatitis A, B and C. You can develop Hepatitis A if you consume infected water or food. Hepatitis B is usually transmitted sexually, but you can also get it from an unsterilized needle. Hepatitis C is transmitted through a direct contact with a person that is infected.

Early symptoms of hepatitis may be poor appetite, fatigue, weight loss and vomiting. As they become worse, there could be problem with circulation, dizziness, and dark urine. A diet which is high in protein and carbohydrates is usually the treatment for Hepatitis A and B. However, interferon is occasionally prescribed for some patients who have B and C type.

3. Experiencing nausea and a loss of appetite
Feeling nauseous after a meal or losing your appetite may indicate a number of problems, but it is also related to bile production when it comes to the liver. The bile helps in breaking down fats so they can be digested. One of the warning signs of a malfunctioning liver is nausea.

4. You could have fatty liver disease
The medical term of this disease is NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). It may be a sign of an unhealthy diet. A healthy liver is one which has practically no fat. This disease is frequent in the UK, with almost 30 % of the population. This disease can lead to stroke, heart attack or a cirrhosis of the liver if left untreated. The symptoms are usually not clear but there can be pain and discomfort under the ribs. The usual treatment is changing the diet, more exercising and regular sleep.

5. A feeling of confusion and disorientation
One of the crucial liver functions is to remove toxins from the body. For instance, the liver filters medication when we use them. When the liver does not work as it should, there is an accumulation of toxins which can even lead to brain problems. That condition is known as hepatic encephalopathy.

6. Feeling exhausted
Tiredness and exhaustion are usually a sign of a liver malfunction. When the liver is not healthy, it does not detoxify the blood as it should. Doctors use the Fatigue Impact Scale to determine whether the fatigue is because of the liver.

7. You might have liver cysts
Once the liver is diseased it produces fluid-filled cavities like cysts. This is not a grave problem and these cysts are often unnoticed and they can cause discomfort and pain once they become very big.

8. You might have liver fibrosis
This is a condition which happens as a result of Hepatitis C or ARLD. The issue is that the function of the liver is so bad that fibroids are created which create scarring. Because of liquid retention there is swelling in the feet and legs. Other symptoms are itchy feet and hands, and easy bruising.

9. You might have darker urine
Darker urine can be a consequence of insufficient fluid intake or medications. However, if the color is very dark and your stool is white it may indicate a liver problem. You need to see a doctor immediately since this is a sign of a serious liver damage.

10. You might have jaundice
A usual sign of a liver disease is when the skin and the whites of the eyes turn yellow. This is a consequence of an accumulation of a certain bile type (bilirubin) that is usually removed by the liver.

Keep your liver in an excellent shape

Eating a healthy diet, doing regular exercise and having enough sleep are crucial for liver health. Stay away from coffee, alcohol and other toxic foods. Consume dark-leaved vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Drink plenty of water and also consume avocados, berries and walnuts.