What Is Good Or Not In The Prevention Of Colon Cancer

There are foods that daily consumption can cause a healthier intestine.

In the past few years, more and more people suffering from colon cancer. The conditions that causes colon cancer and its spread are creating for years, which mean that more than one condition, affect the colon cancer. The most important factors that affect colon cancer are: nutrition, environment and genes, especially physical activity, which affects the most the proper functioning of the intestines.

Try to avoid:

  • fast food
  • sweets
  • nibbles
  • canned products
  • processed cereals
  • meat products.

You should avoid chips and crackers, sweets, as well as all other foods that contain high amounts of trans-fats. Sweets (candies) contain a lot of additives, and it is better for you to prepare a dessert at home. Canned products are particularly undesirable because they are filled with synthetic preservatives that irritate the intestinal walls.

Be especially careful with processed and red meat, it is necessary in your diet, but it is better to buy natural meat of the rural people you know, rather than buying meat products from the factory.

These foods are recommended:

  • onion
  • fish
  • fruits and vegetables
  • Olive oil, lard
  • Milk and milk products

These foods will keep healthy your intestines, but always keep in mind where did you purchase them.

source: http://www.cuisineandhealth.com