The Major Risk Factor for Heart Disease and Cancer Most People Mistakenly Ignore!

There is one important factor which is vital to your health, and if not present it causes or deteriorates even 95 % of all illnesses. This factor is more important than blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure or similar risk factors. It is said that it reduces diseases and increases longevity. This factor can’t be found in a pill.

What is this vital factor which can determine our health?

The spiritual beliefs, your attitude, the social networks and your community are this factor.

To rephrase, the health of your spirit and mind and the feeling of connection with the community can immensely impact your health. There is a book, Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer, written by Kenneth Pelletier, which was published in 1977, and which shows us that we have been aware of this medicine for quite some time.

The connection between the body and the mind is really powerful and dramatic. It is actually not a connection but ONE bidirectional system.

Sadly, there are not many doctors who accept this basic biological reality. Nevertheless, take a look at these 10 tips and find out how to heal the body and calm the mind.

An Outbreak of Stress-Related Disorders

“The modern physician should know as much about emotions and thoughts as about disease symptoms and drugs. This approach would appear to hold more promise of cure than anything medicine has given us to date,” according to Hans Selye, MD.

These words are absolutely true, as we are witnesses of anxiety, depression, autism, memory and attention deficit disorders, dementia nowadays, all of which are really profitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

The majority of Americans live on Prozac and caffeine. In fact, the top-selling goods in stores are sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, all of which are used for improving the mood. But the solution to this problem is our mind.

The Power of the Connection Between the Mind and the Body

There was a patient, named Tom, who has just lost his wife.  Tom developed a heart failure all of a sudden. His heart couldn’t pump since it was flooded with hormones like cortisol, adrenalin and noradrenalin which are grief molecules. Instead of giving Tom heart failure medication, Tom’s doctor advised him to get a healing touch, a sort of emotional healing and energy. Tom followed his doctor advice and he recovered in no time.

They don’t teach us at school that the most crucial survival skills are staying healthy and happy, but in other countries, for instance, Tibetan meditators used to control the physiology by slowing down metabolism, changing the brain waves and heart rates and could raise or lower their body temperature. In the West people aren’t taught how to deal with stress and every day frustrations, and stress is slowly killing us.

  • Stress causes or deteriorates 95 percent of all illness. Low socioeconomic status can be associated with worse health and higher  death risk.This is not caused by bad health habits but by feeling powerless and without control.
  • Stress hormones can damage the hippocampus, which is the brain’s memory center, thus causing dementia and  memory.
  • A study in which volunteers were injected with cold viruses, only those people who were stressed got a cold. To add, women with breast cancer who attended support groups lived longer.
  • Belonging to a religious or a quilting group , or to a a bowling clubcan reduce the death risk and increase longevity
  • People who are hostile have bigger chances of getting a heart attack than smokers, obese people, those who didn’t exercise or those with high blood pressure.

To look on the bright side, we can change the attitude and our beliefs and the effects that they have on our body and mind, but they are not the only things that are important. The things that can affect the mind and body include the detox system, hormones, immune system, nutritional status, gut, energy system and others.

Have a look at some tips on how to calm your mind.

10 Tips for Calming The Mind

  1. Address the primary stress causes — discover the  the biological cause of problems. What could be altering your brain is mercury toxicity, a deficiency of  magnesium or vitamin B12, a gluten allergy or a toxic gut chemical
  2. Relax — you need to find a way of actively relaxing. Sitting in front of the TV is not the solution.
  3. Learn New Skills —do meditation, yoga, deep breathing, muscle relaxation, or have a hot bath, get a massage, make love or watch a sunset
  4. Move Your Body — it is proven that exercise is better or equal to Prozac when treating depression.
  5. Improve Your Nutrition — Clean seer away from caffeine, refined sugars and alcohol.
  6. Supplement — Consume  multivitamin like vitamin C, zinc, the B-complex vitamins, magnesium and nutrients in order to balance the response to stress.
  7. Try Herbs — Take adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, cordyceps and  siberian ginseng.
  8. Use Ht Therapy — Take a sauna or a hot bath to relax your body.
  9. Change Your Beliefs — consider changing your point of view in order to reduce stress.
  10. Find a Group — build your friends circle, family and community circle.