Here is What Happens To Your Heart When You Eat Just 2 Dates A Day!

Khjaur or dates are sweet and chewy fruits utilized as part of dessert for their sweet and rich flavor. Keeping your heart healthy is the best medical advantage of these natural products. Cancer prevention agents, alongside minerals and vitamins consisted in dates guarantee that your heart is in perfect condition. This is the main reason by which implementing a few dates in your daily nutrition will eliminate the risk of coronary illness.

These fruits remove free radicals because they are rich in cancer prevention agents. The high fiber content keeps the development of bad cholesterol and deals with the digestive framework. The latest studies have shown that the consumption of dates with their seeds prevents artherosclerosis or solidifying of arteries.

Heart infections and hypertension can be caused by lower levels of potassium. These fruits are extremely rich in potassium where 100gm of dates contain 656mg of potassium. Dates are also excellent for your heart muscle.

How to consume them?

You can consume dates whole without seeds. Before utilization, the seeds should be powdered. Dates are natural sweeteners so they can be added in many desserts. To reap its advantages, you can make a milkshake without sugar.