Eliminates Warts, Stains And You Will Look 10 Years Younger Using This Every Evening

Warts are known as conditions that usually appear on the skin and are completely harmless, but at the same time quite annoying and often very painful. Although they may appear anywhere in our body, as well as in the same way it is usual to find them in places where the skin can rub like armpits, English, chest, neck and eyelids .

Although there is no specific reason for the occurrence of warts, it is often more common according to genetic predisposition, in people with excess weight and in diabetics, In many cases, hormonal changes can lead to The appearance of warts, as well as pregnancy.

 Follow this simple procedure to eliminates warts

-You should take a piece of cotton, which is the necessary size, so you can cover the wart, you have to wet it in apple cider vinegar and in the same way you eliminate all the excess. You should apply it on the wart and at the same time hold it for several minutes.

-You have to do the same procedure only twice a day, for about 5 days and at the same time, you will notice that the wart will take a little dark brown heat.

-After a week has passed, you will see how the wart will fall on its own, and if there are any remains left to disappear in just a few days.


You can not use vinegar to remove warts from the eyelids because this could irritate your eyes.

Eliminates warts with this home recipe:

For this we are going to need several bandages or Bandaids, this is going to do depending how many warts we have, we must proceed to throw two or three drops of apple vinegar in bandages and then we will place in the wart that we want to remove.

This should be repeated, for at least five days if you skip any of the 5. We have to do it on waking every morning and also before going to sleep, which would be twice a day.

Keep in mind that you should not remove the Band-Aids until the night comes when it is time to put on another serving. Immediately after 5 days, you will see that the wart has disappeared, and if it has not disappeared, we recommend another method.

What you are going to do is put a tape on where we can locate the wart, for about 5 consecutive days and do not remove it, then you will notice that the wart will be soaked with water and finally you will use a prom stone so you can sand carefully enough where the wart is, as you are going to remove the dead skin.

source: https://naturalcarebox.com