8 Early Warning Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many people are affected by cancer these days. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in today’s society. 27% of all cancer deaths in the US are caused by lung cancer.

402,326 people in America suffer from lung cancer and the rate is increasing. It is extremely important to know the symptoms of lung tumor and to instantly call your doctor for this very reason.

You have better chances of survival and treat the cancer if it is detected earlier.

8 Warning Symptoms of Lung Cancer

1.Changes in Cough

If your cough begins to cause you pain or your cough changes in sound, you should visit your doctor. Expelling large quantities of rust-colored or green mucus or coughing up blood are other signs to call your doctor.

2. A Constant Cough

A number of causes can be associated with coughing. If he the cough shows no signs of improvement or persists over 2 weeks, it can be a symptom of lung tumor.

3.Chest Pain

When coughing is accompanied by chest pain and back pain, it can be a symptom of lung cancer. This pain usually ranges from sharp and persistent to sporadic and dull. This sign deserves to be followed up on besides it may be an indication of other medical disorders.

4.Breathing Difficulty

This type of cancer causes fluid to build up around your lung or it can restrict airflow in your airways. This situation makes you feel permanently out of breath.

If you experience shortness of breath or you feel like you can not catch a deep breath, while performing daily activities, you should visit your doctor.

5.Hoarse Voice

If you notice hoarseness or any changes in the voice, it may be a symptom of lung cancer because the tumor affects the function of the larynx.

If this sign is followed by coughing up blood, you should ask your doctor for a chest x-ray.

6.Unexpplained and Sudden Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss often indicates something serious, especially if it is accompanied by weakness and fatigue. Burning 10 or more pounds without changing you exercises routine or diet is the first symptom of cancer.

Cancer changes your metabolism because cancer cells need a lot of energy.


Constricted airway exhales and airway obstruction occurs due to lung cancer. Inflammation and tumor growth cause this condition.

This disorder may hint other respiratory issues such as excess mucus production and inflamed sinuses.

8.Bone Pain

This sign affects the ribs, the pelvic bones, the large bones of the thigh, the spine and usually affects the shoulders. It actually means that cancer has spread to the bones.

You should consult your doctor ASAP if you experience persistent pain in these parts of the body.

source: http://dailyhealthpost.com