5 Habits That Destroy Your Teeth!

If you think you know everything about oral hygiene and how to make your teeth shiny and healthy, you will be surprised when you discover how everyday habits are harming your teeth. We give you 5 habits that you should immediately change !

1. Too harsh brushing teeth
Although it sounds like a good thing, too hard and too harsh  brushing can permanently damage the enamel of the teeth, causing sensitization and susceptibility to caries, but also can cause gum recession.

I prefer using a softer toothbrush and a light circular motion. Brush your teeth and gums at least two minutes twice a day.

2. Wrong toothpaste
Just like toothbrushes, toothpaste can be aggressive too. Many toothpastes contain micro-granules and grains that help to remove the stain, but damage your teeth.

This is the same with gum paste, which is why you should find a toothpaste with good flavor, but also pleasant and favorable for your teeth, which are highly suitable for sensitive teeth as well.

3. Failure to use dental floss
If you thought that a toothbrush can thoroughly clean the mouth, you are wrong. The area between the teeth toothbrush can not be easily reached oand therefore you need a thread. Cleaning the teeth with a thread prevents tooth decay, gum inflammation and tartar build-up.

4. Carbonated beverages
Carbonated drinks, ‘regular’ and diet ones, contain acids that eventually erode your teeth and destroy the enamel.

Carbonated beverages are not good neither for your body, so eliminate their consumption or keep it to a minimum,. If you can not resist them, drink with a straw and then brush your teeth.

5. Foods that leave stains on teeth
Enamel is like porcelain. As everything leaves stains on your plate or cup, some foods leave stains on your teeth, but those are durable.

Coffee, tea, various sauces, soy sauce and red wine are just some of the foods that leave unsightly stains on teeth. That is why it is advisable to brush your teeth after meals.

source: http://www.goodmorningcenter.com