How To Lose 10 POUNDS a WEEK Using These 2 Ingredinets

There are times when you simply have to burn the excess pounds although rapid weight loss is never recommended. Today we will present you an amazing recipe that was suggested by a reader of ours, who actually burnt 36 pounds in just a few weeks.

Increasing the intake of water and reducing the size of the portion is the most important thing in the process of weight loss. Today we will present you an amazing recipe that will boost your metabolism into fat burning machine. This powerful and extremely effective recipe is very cheap – it only contains bananas and water.

The consumption of this powerful mixture will burn the excess fat in extremely short period of time.


Make a combination between 2 glasses of lukewarm water and two bananas (mash the bananas). Consume it on an empty stomach in the morning.

You should restrict yourself form heavy and high calorie meals but you can consume whatever you like during the day.

You also have to avoid the consumption of juices loaded with sugars, sodas, sugary foods, sweets, white flour, fried foods, salt and sugar (for best and fast results).

Avoid eating after 6 pm is also one of the most important things while on regimen. You should also drink at least 2l water per day during these days. The mixture can be also consumed between meals too (as a snack).

This extraordinary weight loss recipe will melt the excess fat in your body, remove the toxins and energize your body like never before!

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!