Eliminate Gastritis Forever In Just 3 Days With This Super Remedy

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach that can be caused by consuming some medications like ibuprofen or aspirin, by drinking too much alcohol or by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori that affects the gastric epithelium.

Although it often goes away alone over time, gastritis causes us unwanted symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, lack of hunger, and very acute abdominal pain, so we want the gastritis to go away as soon as possible.

To achieve this goal, in this article we will teach you to prepare different natural remedies very easy to prepare. Best of all, they do not possess chemical ingredients that could continue to damage the health of your digestive system. Continue reading to learn everything


Gastritis is a very common condition that does not usually have a negative prognosis. However, it is absolutely necessary that you consult a medical specialist if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. This will allow you to rule out that it is not a more serious illness

In case you are suffering gastritis, thank the nature because it gives us all the necessary elements to treat any disease or illness. Next we will teach you to prepare home remedies using only natural ingredients. Do not miss them!


Parsley is a very popular ingredient in treating diseases of the digestive system because it has a large amount of vitamins (A, B, C, E and K), acts as a natural diuretic that eliminates toxins and relieves the pains of stomach. Try this remedy when the pain is very sharp and will help you get rid of it right away.


  • First wash a few sprigs of parsley (about grams) and bring to a boil along with a liter of water
  • Let it boil for five minutes and then remove from the heat
  • Allow the infusion to stand for two hours out of the fire
  • Subsequently, filter the preparation to remove the remains of parsley and save the water obtained in a glass bottle
  • Drink a glass of this preparation every day for as long as symptoms remain


Rice water serves to treat gastritis as it relieves pain, reduces inflammation and removes the pressure that builds up on the abdomen. Also, rice water has a lot of vitamins and minerals very beneficial to the health of your stomach.


1.Boil 150 grams of rice along with 1 liter of water
2.After twenty minutes, remove from the fire, filter the water and store in a glass jar
3.Drink whenever gastritis causes severe pain


Both celery and carrot are excellent allies for treating gastritis because they reduce heartburn and bloating.


1.Place two carrots and two celery sticks in a blender along with a glass of water
2.Mix well
3.Drink during lunch

source: https://naturalcarebox.com