7 Easy Ways to Naturally Unclog Your Arteries!

Everybody wants to live a long life, and it is proven that consuming certain foods can prevent and sometimes reverse the number one cause of death, which is atherosclerosis, according to statistics.

This is a complex process which involves infection, autoimmunity, dietary incompatibilities and various known and unknown factors, and contrary to the conventional medical opinion, this condition can be prevented and in some cases it can be reversed.

In this article, read about the peer-reviewed research which proves the fact:

1. B Vitamins
Incorporating B-complex in your diet can prevent heart disease and can even save your life. According to a doubled-blind and randomized study from 2015, which was published in the journal Atherosclerosis, 25 mg of Vitamin B6, 2.5 mg of folic acid and 0.5 mg of vitamin B12 can significantly reduce arterial thickness if taken for a year.

Folic acid and niacin alone have also had this effect in some patients.

Make sure that you choose natural sources of B-vitamins, and avoid the synthetic ones.

2. Garlic
Eating garlic can be life-saving. It is proven that it reduces plague accumulation in the arteries, which is one of its many benefits.

3. Pomegranate
This amazing fruit reduces plague accumulation in the arteries. Moreover, it can also replace the function of the mammalian ovary.

4. Fermented Cabbage
Kimchi is a Korean recipe and it includes hot pepper, fermented cabbage, and other ingredients like fermented fish. It seems that it is able to slow down the process of atherosclerosis in animals.

Moreover, kimchi contains good bacteria which destroys toxic chemicals which damage the body.

5. L-Arginine
L-Arginine can reduce arterial thickening to up to 24%. This acid has more than 150 health benefits and it is beneficial in case of cardiovascular disease, like endothelial dysfunction. This has been proven by more than 20 studies.

6. Turmeric
Curcumin is the main ingredient of turmeric and it is powerful cardio-protective, which has been proven by more than 30 studies.

7. Sesame Seed
Sesame seeds is probably the most underappreciated food on the planet. It is proven that it is as effective as Tylenol for arthritic pain and it is excellent for protecting the heart. Moreover, it prevents the progression of atherosclerosis.

These are just some natural interventions for regression and/or prevention of cardiovascular disease, which are based on evidence. There are more than 200 natural substances which can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

You need to keep in mind that cardiovascular disease is not a natural process and we do not need to accept it as inevitable based in our genes and family history. The food we eat on a daily basis, and our decisions are what increases the risk of heart disease. Food can be used as medicine, and by taking control of our health with proper nutrition and realizing that the food is the best medicine will heal and nourish our bodies.

source: http://wisemindhealthybody.com