Yogurt Diet: Four Kilograms Less In Three Days!!!

This is not a diet in the true sense of the word, the more it comes to a phenomenon that exists in different versions. We bring you one of them, and we are confident it will help you get rid of excess pounds that have accumulated during the holidays.

The basic principles

Effect of yogurt-diet is based on the capacity of probiotic yogurt to stimulate the growth of healthy intestinal flora, which results in faster digestion of food, removal of toxins and thus weight loss.

When food is thoroughly digested, also improves gut health and overall health.

Recommended dose is up to 2 liters of yogurt every day, and Fresh fruit can be eaten with the yogur, but sugary yogurts should be avoided.

You should not drink just yogurt it is recommended to consummate food from approved list along with it.

One of the versions of yogurt-diet looks like this:

First day
In the morning, eat fruit or plain low-fat yogurt with flakes if desired.

In the olive oil sauté vegetables and eventually mix with rice.Do not add any spices except salt and pepper in the vegetables. For dessert, eat fruit yogurt.

You will be saturated with salad with ham and carrots before going to bed. So chop a carrot, apple and 50 g of ham and fry them in olive oil. Altogether, mix with non-fat yogurt.

Second day
Make a cucumber salad, use yogurt and cucumber, which you will cut into cubes and finally mix them all together.

Season with salt and pepper a little diced turkey and bake in olive oil. Add the sliced mushrooms, a tomato and paprika. When vegetables are soft, add yogurt.

Two cups of yogurt mix with few berries.

The third day
Mix cheese, sliced apples, cinnamon and finally a little salt and pepper with yogurt.

Bake 150 grams of hake fillets, and as a contribution to make a yogurt salad, add chopped cucumber and a little mustard.

Boil 100 grams of pasta, and add one chopped pepper and boiled egg. Mix with yogurt.

Impact on health

Probiotic yogurts are certainly useful for health. Although for now there is no hard scientific evidence for now linking diet yogurt with weight loss, short-term use of this diet does not harm healthy people, but is not recommended for long-term practice.

source: http://www.healthylifespot.net