The Sweetest Diet Ever – You Can Lose 2 To 3 Kg In Just Three Days

Due to the large number of nutrients, honey should be consumed every day.Nutritionists advise that before the start of the diet, obtain and use high quality honey, and preference is given to dark types of honey.

By following this diet, you can lose 2 to 3 kg in just three days!

The first day

Breakfast: 2 soft boiled egg yolks mix with a teaspoon of honey. Drink tea with lemon or coffee (no sugar).

Lunch: 100 g cheese + 50 g cooked carrots + 50 g of boiled broccoli + 50 g boiled cauliflower. All this mix in a blender and make a cream. Supplement: tea or coffee with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Dinner: A cup of vegetable soup, a slice of whole grain bread and 1 apple / pear / orange.
Before going to sleep, drink tea with lemon.

The second day

Breakfast: Same as the first day.

Lunch: Make cream from a soft-boiled egg, tablespoon of honey and 100 g of cottage cheese. Drink tea with lemon or coffee.

Dinner: 150 g fish or chicken fillets, small dish of vegetable salad and tea with lemon.

The third day

Breakfast: Same as the first day + an apple.

Lunch: 50 g of cheese, a slice of rye bread and a bowl of fresh vegetables with lemon juice.

Dinner: 300 g of boiled vegetables, a soft-boiled egg and a cup of tea with one tablespoon of honey.

Note: Every day, be sure to eat a half a lemon!