She Drank 3 Cups of Coffee in 1 Day, This Is What Happened To Her Breasts

A scientific study published recently has shown that drinking 3 cups of coffee on a daily basis can lower the size of women’s breast. Shocking! More than 300 women were part of this study. These women were asked to measure their breasts and they were asked how many cups of coffee they are taking daily.

So, the final results were shocking – just 3 cups of coffee a day are sufficient to start the process of shrinking. In addition, they were also able to highlight the fact that the results are directly linked to the amount of coffee they drink. The scientists that were conducting this study were able to highlight the connection between drinking this beverage and breast shrinking.

About 50% of the women that were part of this study had a specific gene which was the main reason for his interaction.

According to Helena Jernstroem, who works as a lecturer specialized in experimental oncology at Sweden’s Lund University, claims that taking coffee brings significant impact on the size of breasts. Jernstroem also points out that women who enjoy coffee should not be afraid because this is a process that lasts for a long period of time and that this doesn’t mean that the breasts will simply vanish.

However, they can expect to have smaller breasts over some period of time.

In case you believe that you can now find out which women are fond of coffee only by checking their bra size, then you should know that you are wrong. We should not forget that a bra is measured with the help of two things – the girth and the cup size, so your observation is not enough. Truth to be told, this is not a very bad thing.

The scientists that were part of this study have also confirmed that taking caffeine on a regular basis can help women lower the risk of formation of breast cancer. In addition, they have also concluded that following a daily coffee drinking routine can also affect the production and activity of estrogens.

Finally, we should also highlight the fact that certain compounds found in coffee can alter the metabolism in women, so some women can expect optimized configuration of different estrogen which ultimately means lower risk of cancer. We hope that this clog post will encourage you to think more about the effects of this widely accepted daily routine.