Repair The Damaged Kidneys With Natural Cure, Only 1 Teaspoon

Know that damage to the kidneys must be known and its causes to start the treatment.

Also, the cause of the damage is really crucial too for further curing. You need baking soda and nothing else!

The food we eat is chemicals mostly when dissolved and the body gets this. The endocrine organs make enzymes and hormones and make the food break down easily. The pancreas makes sodium bicarbonate and this keeps the kidneys protected during digesting. But, sometimes they make more enzymes regarding various foods. Both kidneys and pancreas can make even less needed enzymes than normal if we eat a lot of bad food of fats and sugars. So, now the acids of the digestion harm our kidneys. Those acids harm the rest of the organs too and make us age faster.

There were researches on baking soda in London and the results were that the baking soda makes kidney stone formation slowed down. Also it slows the kidney stones forming. This is good for dialysis people to repair damaged kidneys.

This means baking soda treatment is better than the dialysis at the moment.

The kidneys will work as before with their sodium bicarbonate. If this is low they will make more enzymes. If we lack sodium in the urine from the kidneys, then the blood gets it and is acidic.  This is made to the blood from the failure of kidneys but other issues too. Now, if the kidneys are damaged they will not clean the blood full of acids.

Dialysis patients took the sodium bicarbonate WITH their therapy and were amazed. The study lasted 2 years and In the end the result was that less of 7% only had dialysis again.

To drink the baking soda during the dialysis curing is good and makes the treatment more effective. The soda makes the nitrogen neutral and the sulfur and phosphorus too from the food we eat. So the acids pass in the kidneys and do not harm them.

Baking soda is also great for other things like side effects of chemo reducing. Or treating chemical overdosing too.

Sodium bicarbonate uses

With a baking soda curing, you need ½ tp soda under the tongue to melt. Then put 1 tsp soda and ½ tsp salt in ½ liter water and drink it.

The kidneys are really fragile and need to be regenerated once in a while like this along healthy diets and habits.