No More Hair Loss And Gray Hair – This One Ingredient Will Do Miracles For Your Hair After The First Application!


Onion is capable of retrieve the color of your hair thanks to its high concentration of catalase. It is an enzyme that may treat graying and thinning hair.

A resent study at the college of Bradford, inside the uk located that the gray hairs are caused by the buildup of hydrogen peroxide within the hair follicles. This substance causes oxidative stress that causes gray hair.

Catalase can catalyze the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide and convert it into water and oxygen. So, onion juice can opposite grey hair and restore the herbal coloration of our hair and forestall the hair loss.

THE exceptional selfmade treatment FOR OUR HAIR – ONION JUICE

There are few exceptional ways of getting ready this extraordinary juice of onions, however it’s miles high-quality to put together it in small amounts as it can’t be stored for lengthy.

Bellow we’re going to present you tree easy onion juices and you could select the one you choose.

1.Squeezed: To prepare an incredible onions squeezed juice you simply have to peel the onion, reduce it into components and placed it inside the juicer.

2.Liquefied:For this juice you need to peel the onion and reduce it into 4 parts. Then, placed it in the blender and blend until you get the consistency you need. After that álter the juice and then you may use it.

3.Grated: For the instruction of this juice your ought to cut the onion into halves and area it in a grater. Then grate the onion and squeeze the juice the usage of a muslin cloth.

Using ONION JUICE on your HAIR

You may apply the onion juice at once in your scalp or you may moist a cotton ball after which location it on the affected place.For fine outcomes you should go away the onion juice to behave for approximately 30 minutes or longer however best if you are capable of bear the scent of the juice.Also in case you need you may cowl your hair with plastic bag or shower cup so that the juice gets deeper into your pores and skin. Then, rinse off the onion juice from your hair with masses of warm water and mild shampoo.

Note: understand that the odor of the onion is pretty sturdy, so we propose acting this approach at night earlier than going to bed or in the course of the weekend, or using quite a piece of fragrance to cowl up the smell

You should repeat this treatment tree times every week and you will experience amazing outcomes very quickly.