5 Simple Steps To Use Banana Peel For Acne

Did you know that you can treat your pimple/acne using a simple banana peel? I mean just a peel which you trash every time after eating the banana.

Yes, since banana peel contains a component called lutein, an antioxidant and potassium it works well on your acne. Try these 5 simple steps to effectively utilize the benefit of a banana peel.

Step 1: Clean your skin 

Wash your face well using a good face wash and remove all the skin impurities like dirt and skin oils. You can use a good cleanser if you have an oily skin. Rinse the cleanser with cool water so that you wash off all the debris. Use a clean and soft cotton towel to pat dry the skin. Do not follow the methods on a wet skin as the treatment can appear like a paste of banana on your face looks really awkward.

Step 2: Pick the banana 

Choose a ripe banana which is completely yellow in color and has black spots on it. Only the ripe banana contains lutein and the ones which greenish appearance on it will not work. The black spots on banana show the presence of the component lutein. Also, the overly ripe banana which are greasy inside and have a black peel also would not work.

Step 3: Eat off the banana 

Yes! You just need the peel and not the banana. So the banana is for you to eat or use it for a different purpose. Like, the banana can be used as a face mask to bring a glow in your skin. There are several nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc, magnesium and potassium present in the banana peel. These vital elements reduce the inflammation in the acne. The peel is pretty thick enough for you to hold one end of it with your finger and leave the other end for massage.

Step 4: Massage with the peel 

Use only the interior part of the peel. The inner portion of the peel which appears whitish should be rubbed over your skin, mainly near the acne affected area. A chunk of banana peel would do a lot for you. Give a gentle massage to your skin for about 10 to 15minutes. Massage with the peel until the white portion turns black or the entire white portion spreads over your skin. You can replace the peel with another one and start massaging with the second piece.

Step 5: Allow the skin to absorb the elements 

Once you complete massaging on your entire face using the banana peel allow your skin to absorb nutrients. There is no issue if you could leave it for an entire day. Later you can rinse your face using cold water and avoid using any cleanser or face wash to clean it. If you cannot leave it for an entire day then massage the peel during night and just go to bed. You can wash it the next day morning by rinsing your face in clean water. Follow this entire process for several days and you will notice that your skin is no more acne prone.

So, next time if you see a bunch of banana, do not forget to effectively use it. The entire banana is a great friend for your skin. In case you observe any irritability in your skin or adverse changes in your face then stop the method and give some rest to your skin. This happens for a very few individuals and for rest of them the banana treatment is really effective for people with acne affected skin.

source: www.healthadvisorgroup.com