How To Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Stop It From Going Gray, Thinning Or Falling Out

Coconut oil is one of the most widely used ingredients in homemade body creams, beauty products, and sunscreens. But, in countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Burma, coconut oil (or coconut milk) is also used in natural hair products due to its ability to keep the hair long, silky, and naturally colored.


Hair loss is usually caused by inflammatory skin conditions, nutritional deficiency, or fungal infections. Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats, which nourishes the hair shaft and scalp, combats the infections on the skin, and decreases inflammation.

Instruction for use – Mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of sage oil, and cook them over low heat until everything is well-combined. Let the mixture cool, and then apply it all over your head before sleeping and cover with a shower cap. Rinse your hair in the following morning.


Coconut oil is far more effective in preventing hair damage when compared to other oils like mineral and sunflower oil. Studies have shown that coconut oil is the only oil which is able to strengthen the shaft and reduce protein loss.


Frizzy hair is mostly caused by excessive dryness of the hair shaft and cuticles. Coconut oil is hydrophobic, which means that it repels water and retains moisture within the hair shaft.

We recommend you to apply coconut oil 15 minutes before washing in order to make your hair silky and smooth. You can also put a little bit of coconut oil on split ends to make them easier to brush.


Dandruff is a shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. In most cases, dry skin is the cause for this common scalp condition. Other causes include frequent shampooing, sensitivity to hair care products, eczema, and fungus. Coconut oil can be very helpful in treating dandruff as a result of its ability to fight fungal infection and hydrate dry skin.

Instruction for use – Mix equal parts of coconut oil and castor oil and massage into the scalp. Let the mixture stay for 30 minutes, and then wash your hair. In case you suffer from severe dandruff, you should repeat this every time you wash your hair.


Most of the common lice treatments are toxic and burn the scalp, which leads to hair damage. On the other hand, coconut oil is a natural solution that treats lice by hydrating the skin instead of irritating it. Some studies even suggest that coconut oil can combat pesticide-resistant lice.

Instruction for use: Apply coconut oil evenly on the hair. Leave it for several hours and continue applying more oil as it gets absorbed by your hair and skin. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil in order to make a more powerful lice formula.


Pigment cells located at the base of each hair follicle are responsible for your hair color. As you grow older, these cells die more and more frequently and become less effective in preserving the natural hair color. But fortunately, coconut oil is very helpful in preventing the appearance of gray hair because it nourishes your scalp and protects the base of your hair follicles. All you need to do is to massage your hair with coconut oil and lemon for at least 15 minutes daily.