This Is The Best Natural Remedy For A Toothache!

Many of us rich for the conventional medicines when have a toothache. And do you know that these products are consisted of benzocaine which is anesthetic and ca cause allergic reactions. Researches shows that using a clove oil can help in alleviating toothache.

Clove oil is already famous in the natural medicine as effective solution for toothache. It has been using for centuries for dealing with oral pain.

How it works?

  • When it’s applied topically works effectively because it numbs the affected area. Topical numbing agents briefly deaden the nerve endings which cause you the pain in the affected area.

Back in 2006 a study published in Journal of Dentistry that clove oil works the same as the benzocaine which is consisted in some medication and helps effectively in toothaches and chronic tooth pain.

The main component of clove oil called eugenol makes the oil very stimulating and promotes the blood circulation. It is also excellent for cardiovascular health.

Clove belongs in the group of powerful antioxidants which means that is great for destroying free radicals and for strengthening the immune system.

Because of the high presence of manganese clove oil is very beneficial for the metabolism. It brings enzymes, promotes bone strength.

Now to use it:

Take two drops of clove oil and mix with a half teaspoon of coconut oil. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and place in on the affected area. When you feel that the pain has eased remove the cotton ball. Never try this treatment before going to bed, because you may fall asleep and choked from the cotton.

Beside oil you can use also and whole clove leaves, place few of them near the affected area, wait until they softened that chew them with the painful tooth.

Be careful with the essential oils from the market, they are not 100% pure!!! Always choose do TERRA essential oils.

source: healthyandnaturalhouse