The Recipe for an Amazing Elixir from Cabbage Which Can Cure Even 100 Diseases!

Cabbage is very beneficial and essential for our overall health. Cabbage is used as a meal or as an alternative medicine remedy for many years because of the healing effects it possess. It is rich in minerals and antioxidants which are essential for our health.

Cabbage has high amount of vitamin C which can help people who suffer from anemia because it reacts as an antiseptic. It helps the body to regain the vitamins and minerals which we lost during the long and exhausting day. Juice from cabbage is great ally if you are in battle with chronic cough or ear infections. Cabbage is also very effective in neutralization of the harmful toxins in our body.

Cabbage is also promoted as a great remedy which stops the growth of malignant cells.

You should know that is has been proven that daily consumption of cabbage juice will surely help you in the prevention and curing of colon, liver, lungs, ovaries and breast cancer. Cabbage contains sulforaphane, which is the main fighter of carcinogenic cells invasion. We must mention that cabbage is very nutritious and it can help you to lose excess weight also.


Soak one small cabbage in warm water and spatter it with little bit of vinegar. Cut the cabbage on small pieces, small enough to fits in the juicer. Then, juice it. We must mention that this juice may have strong taste which seems unpleasant, but it is very nutritious and beneficial and can cure many diseases. You can use blender also to prepare this mixture.

Drink half a cup from this juice, three times per day.

One of the great things about cabbage is that it is relatively cheap compared to many other vegetables and it can be stored for a relatively long time in the fridge. This makes it an excellent standby for your juicing routines and means that you can juice without worrying about overspending / wasting perishable produce.

If you consume too much cabbage juice in one go then you may experience a feeling of gas and slight cramps in the intestine due to the sulphur in the cabbage juice reacting with bacteria that exist in the intestines.

source: healthysecretsbase