Red Wine and Garlic! The Best and Most Effective Cure for Chronic Fatigue

In order not to retain toxins in the blood you should occasionally make cleaning.

With the retention of toxins in the blood, our body becomes chronically tired; we feel bloated and have circulation problems.

These difficulties can be removed using a simple potion which is easy to be made. Everything you need is garlic and red wine. This healing potion cleans blood, neutralizes excess fat and salt from the body and accelerates metabolism.


  • 12 cloves garlic
  • Half a liter of red wine (preferably homemade)


Clean well the garlic cloves, cut them into quarters and place them in a jar. Add half a liter of red wine and close the jar.

Keep the jar on a place where it will be exposed to sunlight for two weeks. Shake the jar for several times during the day to mix the ingredients well.

After two weeks, strain the mixture and place the liquid in a bottle.

Take one teaspoon three times a day within a month.


This is a strong drink which cleanses and strengthens the blood.  Apply it with a break of six months between the two treatments.

source: myhealthylifestories