How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Eczema

Different dermal conditions go under the name eczema, and the numbers of affected people in US is increased, 3% for adults and 20% for children.

The symptoms can be easily recognizable, and the most recurrent form of eczema is Atopic Eczema which is characterized by skin rashes and inflammations. Those inflammations cause uncomfortable itching and the most frequent places for appearing are hands, wrists, face, on the back of the knees or in more severe cases over the entire body. Even bleeding can appear from constant itching.

Frightened by such a possibility, most people turn to a number of skin-care products or pharmaceuticals as they are the most logical solution for the majority of the population.

But what most people fail to realize from the small print is that the vast number of pharmaceuticals designed to treat skin conditions can lead to serious side effects.

That is why it is always better to go natural and why shouldn’t you?

There are natural solutions and the most effective are treatments with apple cider vinegar. It has been used for year when the people have no medicine to turn to but only the nature.

Apple cider vinegar has many uses and healing properties and can be combined with other products which are from organic source. With this combination you can treat variety of health conditions.

If you are still not convinced, maybe the following characteristics of apple cider will help you make up your mind:

Apple cider vinegar can fight bacteria

Because of the anti-bacterial property apple cider vinegar can fight different types of bacteria. If you treat your face regularly with ACV the bacteria cannot survive those conditions.

Apple cider vinegar improves immunity

Eczema can also appear due to a drop in immunity, and that is why the ACV is a great treatment for it. ACV also contains acetic acid, B1 vitamin, pectin and riboflavin, all of which are known to improve the immune system. So, by using ACV you can treat your eczema by preventing your low immunity from causing it.

Relieves itching

Dry skin is more prone to eczema, while apple cider vinegar is good for improving dry skin and relieves annoying itches. You can also safely combine it with other organic fluids or pastes to make yourself a great homemade skin-care solution.

Apple is rich in potassium

Potassium is good for threating issues with allergies, and because the apple cider vinegar contains a great level of it, makes it good choice for treating eczema.

Apple cider vinegar enhances the renewal of skin

ACV has beta-carotene in its content, the ingredient frequently found in various sun lotions. The reason for including beta-carotene in sun lotions is because it helps with the restoration and renewal of your skin cells, especially in burned and irritated skin. Using ACV on your skin will definitely restore its health.

Apple cider vinegar contains fiber

Apart from being rich in vitamins and minerals, ACV also contains high levels of fiber, which help the body to discharge of toxins that are known to cause the appearance of eczema.

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Skin Tonic

Here is one way to use your apple cider vinegar as your organic skin-care product.

What do you need (ingredients):

  • Water (2 tablespoons)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (raw, 2 tablespoons)
  • Cotton pads (2-3)

How to make and apply

Pour the water and the vinegar into a bowl or a pot and make sure your mix them well enough. Use a cotton pad to soak up the solution and treat the desired skin area. Repeat until you deem necessary.

If your skin is sensitive add only one tablespoon of vinegar instead of two.

source: healthyandnaturalhouse