Golden Мilk: Magic Drink Which Will Return Your Health

Scientists recognized beneficial on body and they recommend regulary consume. There are many ways to do that, maybe one of the best is exactly golden milk. We are talking about turmeric-queen of spices.

Turmeric is a spice with specific intensive yellow colour which helps on process of digestion, has anti-inflammatory effects, helps in prevents of diabetes and loss memory. Also this powerful spice fights against depression.

The most delicious way to consume this spice is the golden milk. To make this you need first to make paste, after that milk.

Necessery ingredients:

  • For paste : 4 teaspoons turmeric, 1/2  teaspoon black pepper, 120 ml. water.
  • For milk: 250 ml. milk, 1/2 spoon oil, 1/4 spoon paste of turmeric and little honey for better taste.


Put all the ingredients for paste in pot, on silent fire. Mix, after that remove the bowl from the fire and put the paste in gloss jar which you will put in fridge mixture to get cold.

When the paste will be cold, put the milk and oil and put them on silent fire to warm. Cook until the mixture starts boiling. After that remove the mixture from fire and add a honey to taste.

It is recommended to consume on an empty stomach, better in the morning and before sleeping.

source: myhealthylifestories