Avoid The Fall Of Your Hair Forever Just With Adding This In Your Shampoo!

Hair loss is due to many causes, from genetic factors to stress problems. A simple way to take care of it and strengthen it is with proper treatment.There are periods when we notice our hair is falling out more frequently, has split ends, it’s weaker and brittle.  If you are losing hair and don’t know what to do, here in this post we are going to explain how to make your own anti hair loss shampoo.

You just need to add these tree ingredients to your shampoo and your hair will start to grow immediately:

-essential rosemary oil – is great for reactivating the blood flow and giving your hair strength
-essential lemon oil – is a great antiseptic and is refreshing
-vitamin E capsules – is a basic and ideal component for fighting hair loss

This is a refreshing shampoo, with elements that will activate circulation and regenerate the strength of your hair.

You need:

-natural shampoo with neutral pH
-10 drops of essential rosemary oil
-10 drops of essential lemon oil
-2 capsules vitamin E

Just pour 10 drops of essential rosemary oil and 10 drops of essential lemon oil in your neutral shampoo.Then, don’t forget to add the 2 vitamin E capsules.Shake the shampoo bottle well and it’s done. It’s important to use this anti hair loss shampoo frequently, at least every other day. You should apply it to wet hair and do a scalp massage at least 10 minutes. Then, let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm  water.

source: healthonlinecentral