6 Natural Remedies Against Anemia

You suffer from a lack of iron in the blood, try to heal with a few natural ingredients that we find in everyday groceries. Your blood will be repaired. Despite the fact that iron is one of the most widespread elements in nature, around two billion people, mostly women and children, suffer from anemia or iron deficiency in the blood, the WHO research has shown.

And when there is not enough iron, there is no transport of oxygen to the cells, and thus worsens and the muscle, and numerous biochemical reactions in the body.

Naturally, like all the other health problems, and anemia are best treated with medical supervision, and natural medicines only accelerate the process of creating iron in the body. Therefore we chose the six best natural remedies which help you easily beat this disease.

Tea nettle

One spoon of nettle leaves pour 2 deciliters them with boiling water and leave to stand for five minutes. Strain the tea and drink it while it is a bit warm. The recommended dose is three cups per day.

Tea of ​​four herbs

Mix the same amount of nettle leaves, sage, thyme and mint. On the spoon with this mixture pour over 2.5 deciliters cold water, mix it for one minute, then leave to stand for five minutes. Strain  sweetened with honey and add lemon juice. Daily it should drink at least two cups or about half a liter of this tea.

Tea horseradish

Per liter of water put 20 grams of horseradish root and cook for about 20 minutes. Allow to stand overnight, strain and drink two cups a day, particularly between the meals.

Tea Walnut

Boil 20 grams of fresh leaves of walnut for 15 minutes in a liter of water, then strain. Drink a cup of a day, before lunch.

Potion of onion

Clean and wash 200 grams onions, pour it with pure alcohol and leave for three weeks. Three times a day, drink 20 drops of the potion, which have added to half a glass of milk.

Cocoa cream

Good mix of 250 grams of cocoa, 250 grams of brown sugar, 250 grams of butter, 2 tablespoons sea salt, 7 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Pour into a jar and take three times a day in a spoonful of cream.

source: myhealthylifestories