2 Exercises That Can Prevent And Reverse Your Sagging Breasts !

If you are noticing that your breast starts to sag, push up bras and padding’s are not the only solutions. Have you ever consider that you need more attention to this and to stop the sagging.

“Developing the muscles underneath your breasts will enhance the look of your breasts and make them appear larger,” explains Jen Comas Keck, a certified personal trainer and former figure competitor.

We have exercises that can help you to boost your breast in a natural way. Comas Keck comes as a designer to these exercises.

Working the chest from multiple angles with enough weight ensures plenty of stimuli to increase strength and develop the muscles. This can add beautiful shape to the chest. The key to making this plan effective: Make sure to choose weights that are heavy enough. You should feel like you could do about two more reps at the end of each set, but no more. It’s important to challenge yourself with heavier weights in order for muscle growth to take place,” explains Comas.

Here are the 2 amazing exercises that can help you prevent and reverse sagging breasts:

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

Take a dumbbell in each hand and lie on a bench. Start lowering the dumbbells until they get close to the sides of your chest and then press them back up to the starting position. Make 10 repetitions.

2.Dumbbell Fly

Set the bench on low incline and sit on it. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hold them above your shoulders while your elbows are slightly bent. Slowly lower the dumbbells down until your elbows are even with your chest, pause and then press the dumbbells back up towards the ceiling. Make 10 repetitions.

We are really hope so that can help you with these exercises.

source: healthyandnaturalhouse