Shocking Health Benefits Of Corn Silk That You Did Not Know !

Obviously you did not know about the benefits of corn silk and that is why you always throw it away.But instead of throwing it away,corn silk has so many uses.

Corn silk benefits.

Prevents Kidney Stones:

Before many years corn silk has been used in order to prevent kidney stone.It is very useful because it can help in the proper flow of urine that prevents the accumulation of crystals which are present in kidney.But it cannot remove the stone in the kidney(if there is a stone).

Assists in blood clotting:

The corn silk also contains Vitamin K which can help you in blood clotting.This Vitamin makes sure that you do not lose excessive blood from your body when you unintentionally get hurt.

Controls blood sugar:

Latest studies have shown that corn silk is very effective because it can control the blood sugar levels.It can increase insulin levels and aids in the repair of damaged cells in the pancreas.

Control cholesterol:

It also controls the cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol leads to several heart diseases. Hence consumption of outer silk of corn can help in keeping you away from the heart-related ailments.

Diuretic properties

It has diuretic properties which helps flush out excessive fluids and toxins from the body hence preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease and Urinary tract infecting (UTI).

How To Consume Corn Silk?

Boil water and add corn silk to it, serve hot or cold. Lemon juice can be added to enhance the taste.
Put corn silk in a jar full of water and keep the jar under sun direct sunlight for a day. In evening add some honey to that water and drink.

source: healthypage365