Onion Hair Treatment For Problematic Scalp And Hair

Our environment is full of pollution and dirt which really affects the hair growth. Hair loss, dandruff, scalp acne, itchy scalp, damaged hair strands and thinning hair are some of the most common problems that women suffer from nowadays. Though you had a beautifully long hair, you might have spoiled your hair with lots of exposure to the posh hair products. No matter what kind of problem it is, the onion treatment will help you a lot. So read more about the treatment here.


This DIY onion hair treatment is suitable for oily scalp and normal hair. When you follow this sincerely, it will be possible to combat hair fall, dandruff, and itchy scalp, scalp acne and treat dry hair, which had been subjected to regular dose of anti-dandruff shampoos for a long period of time.


For this DIY onion hair treatment, you would need the following ingredients, which are easily available. The ingredients are some onions, aroma magic stimulate blended hair oil, olive oil, pure coconut oil, lemon and water.


Onions: They are loaded with the stimulating properties of sulphur which aid hair re-growth and strop hair loss. It has anti-bacterial properties that help you to get away with problems like dandruff and scalp acne. These onions are widely used to treat alopecia as a home remedy.

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended hair oil: It contains a blend of different essential oils alternately, you may use one or more of the following essential oils – Tea Tree Essential oil, Yang Lang essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Cedar wood essential oil.


Take a few onions; anything from 5 to 8 pieces should be sufficient. Peel the onions and put them in a blender. The onions should be pureed and then put on a washed muslin cloth or cotton cloth. Squeeze out the onion juice in a bowl. You will get 3 or 4 spoons of onion juice. Now, it is time to put some essential oils. Add about 10 drops of the oil to the onion juice and mix them well. The mixture would look like a whitish liquid.

Use a piece of cotton wool to dab it on the scalp. Ensure the whole of the scalp is covered with the mixture. Then you can use the tips of the fingers to massage the scalp gently but thoroughly with the mixture. This helps in absorption and stimulation. Take a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of coconut oil. Mix these oils thoroughly with the leftover onion juice-essential oil blend in the bowl. Apply the mixture on the hair strands, avoiding the scalp. Wait for at least 2 hours. Use lemon rinse to condition your hair. For this, you need to add the juice of half-a-lemon to a mug of water. This also helps to remove the strong smell of onion to some extent and makes scalp fresh.


It is best to use fresh onion juice every time. This treatment can be done every day. But since this practice calls for regular shampooing, I prefer it on alternate days. Even if you do not have the above-said problems, the hair treatment can be still resorted to as a part of your regular hair care regimen and you can keep your hair and scalp healthy with this easy and effective treatment.

The treatment takes at least a month’s time to show results. Hence, be patient and religious in following it. You can follow this treatment, no matter what your hair type is. Overall, it is a very effective way to solve most of the problematic scalp and hair. After the treatment, the scalp feels nourished, free from itches and also hair feels soft after the treatment. If you have failed even after trying out various methods then you should definitely try this method to get the best results.

source: healthadvisorgroup