Eating Lemon Peels Can Lower Bad Cholesterol, Get Rid of Toxins and Provide 8 Other Health Benefits

Sure, you are probably aware of the fact that squeezing some lemon into your water can provide you with a number of health benefits. It helps to speed up the metabolism and aids in digestion, among other things.

However, did you know that it’s not just the juice of the lemon – or even the meat of this citrus fruit – that is good for you? The peel actually possesses some amazingly impressive health benefits.

Here’s a look at 10 of the wonderful benefits that lemon peels can provide.

  1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Not all cholesterol is bad for you; there’s actually good cholesterol that helps to keep your heart healthy. However, if you have high levels of LDLs, the bad cholesterol, lemon peels could actually help to lower them. Lemon peels are high in flavonoids, which are awesome at lowering that bad cholesterol.
  2. Boost Bone Health – Lemon peels are an excellent way to boost the health of your bones. They contain a high amount of calcium – the stuff that your bones need to regenerate – as well as a high dose of vitamin C.
  3. Gets Rid of Toxins – Toxic elements get into the body and they can make you weak, lower your immune system and actually contribute to a greater likelihood of being addicted to alcohol. The citrus bioflavonoids in lemon peels can help to flush out those toxins and create a healthier environment.
  4. Lowers Stress Levels – Oxidative stress can do terrible things to the body. Eating lemon peels can reduce that oxidative stress and thus boost your health.
  5. Combats Cancer – Did you know that lemon peels are actually used to prevent and treat cancer? It’s true! Lemon peels contain salvestrol Q40 and limonene, two compounds that can help combat cancer cells that may be present in the body.
  6. Maintains and Improves Oral Health and Hygiene – If you want to have a brighter, whiter smile, better smelling breath and healthier teeth, then you want to add some lemon peels to your diet. They are high in vitamin D, which is vital for your oral health and hygiene. They are also high in citric acid, which helps to fight oral health problems.
  7. Aids in Weight Loss – If you want to shed some weight, add some lemon peels to your diet. They have Pectin in them, which helps to promote weight loss.
  8. Keeps the Heart Healthy – You can keep your heart healthy by consuming lemon peels. They have high levels of potassium, which is important for maintaining healthy blood pressure. They also help to prevent heart disease, heart attacks and diabetes.
  9. Keeps the Skin Healthy – Want to keep your skin looking young or fight off acne? Use lemon peels. Apply them to your skin and you’ll have a glowing complexion.
  10. Cleanses the Liver – The liver is super important to your health. Lemon peels can help to clean out fats in the liver and keep it healthy.

Say Goodbye to the Pain in Your Spine, Back and Legs with This Natural Remedy

Pain in their back, legs and ankles experience people who spend their entire day sitting or they live inactive lifestyle. Well, the statistics say that about 1/3 of adults have reported that they have experienced joint pain within the past 30 days. Yes, and there are many different health conditions that can lead to joint pain, such as: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries.

The medical experts claim that the back pain will heal in time. The medical experts claim that almost 50% of the patients with back pain will feel relief from low back pain within 15 days. And almost 90% of people will feel relief from back pain in three months, regardless of the back pain treatment.

And, don’t forget – the worst thing about back pain is that people who experience back pain may find it extremely difficult to live their everyday lives and to complete their tasks. They find it hard to sit and lie down. It’s even hard for them to stand. When it comes to leg pain, it usually results from wear and tear, overuse, injuries in joints or bones. But, you shouldn’t be worried, because in this article we’re going to show you how to make the best home remedy, which will help you eliminate back, spine and leg pain and you just need 3 simple ingredients: figs, prunes and apricots! Yes, that’s it! And trust me, you will be amazed by the results!

Here’s what you need to do – it’s very simple! You just have to consume 1 dried fig, 1 dried apricot and 5 prunes – before you go to sleep! You should use this method for at least 2 months! How this works – well, these 3 ingredients are loaded with healthy nutrients, which will help you eliminate back and joint pain!

We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank you and have a good day!

source: healthonlinecentral

10 Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Liver!

Modern life has brought numerous hazards that can harm the liver, and our body is constantly warning us that it is overloaded with poisonous substances. In this state, the body urgently needs detoxification in order to restore the proper function of its organs.

A large variety of these toxins retains in the liver. In order to preserve the best state of our liver, it is of vital importance to remove these toxins using some natural methods.

Harmful influences like unhealthy diet, stress, alcohol, smoking, a large amount of drugs and the like burden the liver. Thus, these toxins make it incapable to perform its regular physiological functions, such as regulation of digestion, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, protein production and neutralization of toxic substances.

For a long time, the liver can compensate for the impact of these harmful substances on the body. Nevertheless, after a certain period of time, it can cause artifacts that are rarely associated with impaired liver function.

Therefore, you need to know to recognize the warning signs of your body that indicate that it desperately needs detoxification. Therefore, you mustn’t ignore the following 10 symptoms that here is something wrong with your liver:

  • frequent nausea
  • bright and pale stool
  • bitter taste in the mouth after eating
  • bile attack
  • hemorrhoids or varicose veins
  • pain in the stomach after taking fatty foods
  • pain above the eyes
  • chronic fatigue
  • pain under the shoulder blades
  • shiny chair

Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Consume Okra

After reading this article, you will incorporate Okra in your eating regimen without doubt.

But what Is Okra?

Okra aka “Lady’s finger” is in with the Malvaceae (mallows) family and is named deductively as Abelmoschus esculentus. This beneficial vegetable is grown all throughout the tropical and warm mild districts around the globe for its stringy fruits or “pods”.

Reasons Why You Should Consume Okra Every Day:  

Immunity Booster:

Okra is high in antioxidants and vitamin C, so it is a decent immune booster food. It also contains other vital minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, battle against unsafe free radicals and support the immune system.


Okra helps the natural production of vitamin B complex and facilitates the propagation of probiotics.


Okra is also beneficial in cases of diabetes since it regulates glucose levels. The kind of fiber found in Okra i.e. Eugenol, aids in settling glucose by controlling the rate at which sugar is ingested from the intestinal tract.

 Feeds Blood Network:

This amazing vegetable has its role n the process of building the structure of blood vessels.


Okra is high in vitamin C, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it can shorten the duration of asthma manifestations and prevent deadly attacks.

Reduces the danger of colon cancer:

The high cell reinforcements in Okra help in securing the immune system against unsafe free radicals and avoid transformation of cells. Moreover, Okra cleans out the intestinal tract with its insoluble fiber, reducing the risk of colon-rectal tumor.

Respiratory soother:

Once again, Okra is rich in antioxidants and possesses a large content of vitamin C, so it provides major effects in treating respiratory problems and has been shown to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks in patients.

Counteracts Anemia:

Okra aids red blood cell production.

Prevents Obesity:

The fiber in Okra helps the feeling of satiety, and the copious supplements sustain you.


The same mucilage in okra which helps ease digestion can also heal and relieve the pain of stomach ulcers.

Strong Bones:

Okra has major role in strengthening our bones. This is due to the fact that it is an excellent source of vitamin K, and we know that this vitamin is crucial for reinforcing bones and counteracting osteoporosis.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol:

Okra contains soluble fiber pectin and thus helps lower the serum (bad) cholesterol and avoids atherosclerosis.

Skin Detoxifier:

Okra contains Vitamin C, fiber aids toxic, so it can be used to repair body tissues, heal psoriasis and eliminate pimples and in the treatment of different skin disorders.

Treats Genital Disorders:

Okra can be of great help in the treatment of genital issues like syphilis, leucorrhoea, dysuria, extreme menstrual bleeding, and gonorrhea.

Relieves Constipation:

Okra has mucilaginous and rich fiber content so it binds poisons, guarantees simple solid discharges, enhances stool mass, encourages fitting assimilation of water, and lubricates the intestines with its common purgative properties.

Lively Hair:

This is another reason why you should keep Okra at hand in your home. Namely, it battles lice and dandruff, scalp cream for dry and irritated scalp and makes an extraordinary hair conditioner, which adds a youthful sheen to your hair.

Treats Sun strokes:

This healing vegetable eases fatigue, general misery and weakness.

source: healthyfoodhouse

One Fruit Can Help Regulate Insulin Levels and Beat Diabetes

A sedentary lifestyle combined with poor nutrition can lead to the development of diabetes. Each day more and more people are being diagnosed with this possibly deadly disease. While there is no cure for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes can actually be regulated through diet and exercise in most cases.

If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, or simply looking for a healthy food to help you control your insulin and blood sugar levels, consider adding bitter melon to your diet.

Many people avoid bitter melon because they do not enjoy the bitter taste of this fruit. However, there are many health benefits of eating it.

 Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

There are several ways that bitter melon can help control type 2 diabetes. There are at least 3 or more active substances found in bitter melon that has anti-diabetic properties.

These substances are charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p. Charantin has been shown to lower blood glucose. All three of these substances work together in order to help reduce your blood sugar levels.

In addition, bitter melon has a lectin that helps reduce the blood glucose levels. It works by suppressing the appetite in a similar way that insulin does in the brain. It is thought to be one of the major factors of why there is a hypoglycemic effect developed after consuming bitter melon.

Bitter melon also has several other health benefits as well. It has been used for treating fevers, colic in babies, chronic coughs, burns, and even some skin conditions. In some areas of the world it is used to help with childbirth, heal wounds, and to treat or prevent malaria, chicken pox, measles and other viral diseases.

Eating Bitter Melon

Bitter melon can be simply eaten like any other fruit. Another option is to make it into a juice. The seeds can be ground into a powder and added to any type of food or drink. In addition, an extract made from the bitter melon can be purchased as an herbal supplement.

Bitter melon is most often found in Asian grocery stores and food stores. Other forms of the melon can be found in almost any health food shop.

When it comes to controlling your blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes, your diet is extremely important. There are many great foods that you can eat to help you control your blood sugar levels and may even help you get rid of your insulin injections and other medications that you are currently using to control the disease.

It is important to get your type 2 diabetes under control as soon as possible. This is a dangerous disease that can cause you to lose your extremities and possibly your life if you are not careful. Try adding a bit of bitter melon to your diet along with other nutritious fruits and vegetables and an exercise regimen and you will be on your way to controlling this disease instead of it controlling you.

source: healthyfoodhouse

How to Make A Juice That Can Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis causes excruciating pain and requires special treatment. Living with pain is not such a bright idea, as there are so many natural remedies out there.

Arthritis is joint inflammation. It causes joint pain and stiffness, and the conditions worsens with age. Or at least that was what most people believed in before they tried this juice.

It is all about pineapple! It makes this drink super efficient in the treatment of arthritis pain. Pineapple is rich in bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme that fights off inflammation.

It is as effective as certain anti-inflammatory medications prescribed for conditions like osteoarthritis. Remember, bromelain is mostly concentrated in the core, so to make this juice you will have to add it all in, not cut around it.


  • 1 ½ cups fresh pineapple (the core as well)
  • 7 carrots
  • 4 celery stalks
  • ½ lemon


Blend all the ingredients together. Remember, you do not have to peel the lemon. Drink your drink once you feel the pain coming and it will disappear instantly.

source: buynongmoseeds

What Happens When Drinking Honey-Lemon Water Early in the Morning

What happens to your body if you drink this potion early in the morning immediately after getting up?

This healthy beverage is an excellent substitution for early coffee and it has amazing benefits of the overall health.

This powerful combination of its ingredients is antioxidant-packed and an excellent solution for losing weight and detoxifying your body. It will also help you for improving a lot of health conditions such as:

  • boosts your energy level so that you don’t feel tired all the time
  • cleanses the body of all impurities, such as toxins and pesticides
  • aids digestion
  • soothes stomach pains
  • relieves anxiety and calms your nerves
  • regulates the level of hormones
  • speeds up metabolism
  • eliminates bad breath
  • heals cough and cold
  • builds stronger immunity
  • prevents constipation
  • moisturizes the skin
  • heals acne
  • slows aging and prevents formation of wrinkles

How to prepare it? 

The method for preparation is very simple and easy. Just add a teaspoon of organic honey in a glass of warm water, and squeeze half a lemon. Stir well and drink immediately. Cheers to your well-being !

source: healthyfoodstyle