The Most Beneficial Fruit For Strokes, Heart Attacks, Cholesterol And Hypertension

People are looking for super healthy beneficial food for a long time, now. We are here to put an end to the search and provide you with the one fruit that is an all-around benefit for your body.

Dates. Their fantastic healthy set of effects help relieve a host of health problems, including cholesterol, strokes, and hypertension. This is due to their richness with nutrients that have the ability to bolster your metabolism.

In this article, you will discover why they are good enough for us to implement them in our daily diets and routines.



Iron is responsible for hemoglobin and red blood cells in the body, that provide us with oxygen in the blood. Therefore, iron is exceptionally beneficial for people with anemia, children, and pregnant women.

Eating 100gr of dates per day is sufficient, which contains about 0.90mg of iron, and is only 11% of the recommended daily dose.


Potassium is an essential mineral in the iron that tranquilizes the belly flora and intestines, inducing healthy bacteria, thus prevailing diarrhea.


The soporific abilities of dates can pacify diarrhea and constipation. For this reason, put some dates in a bowl of water and let it stay for 1 night. Drinking the mixture in the morning bolsters the digestion powers of your organism because it has rather than lenient and cathartic effects.


Eating dates on an empty stomach is the secret to preventing storage of excessive fats in the body because they’re cholesterol-free.


Dates manage the flow of LDL (bad cholesterol) by cleansing the blood vessels and prevailing any blood clots.


Dip the dates in a bowl of water and let them sit for the night. Remove the seeds and heave them in the morning, before eating them. Furthermore, you can also blend the seeds and eat them.


Dates are heavily recommended to people with hypertension because they don’t contain sodium at all and are very rich in potassium.

In average, 5-6 dates contain approximately 80mg of magnesium, a mineral we use to improve our blood flow. An estimated 370mg of magnesium is required to lower the blood pressure.


Last but not least, we already mentioned the high levels of potassium in dates. In case you didn’t know, potassium enhances the nervous system and can prevail strokes.

Recommended daily dose of potassium is around 400mg, and if you already achieved this number, there is no reason to worry about whatsoever.


The Only 2 Tips You Need For Perfectly Perky Breasts

If you are not pleased with the look of your breast you can check out about these 2 pointers for perfectly perky breast which are reliable and noticeable in a brief period of time. Possibly you think that this is impossible but you are wrong! You can perk up your breast with exercises and natural home remedy.

A great deal of approaches and various mixes of approaches were tested with function to be discovered the finest natural method on which you will have the ability to liven up your breasts.

You still believe that this is ‘mind blow’ and difficult thing to be done? This remarkable exercise will prove you wrong, and after practicing this workout you will have visible improvements on your breasts. Other than the workout, there is a natural home remedy which tightens up the skin on your breasts, leaving them company, plum and much perkier.

I guarantee that these 2 ideas are really efficient and by the way they are easy and won’t take you a lot of time:

Suggestion 1: The exercise

  • Lay on your back on a bench (use your bed or a mat if you do not have access to a bench).
  • Take one 5-pound weight in each hand.
  • Raise your arms straight above your chest.
  • Then, lower them out to your sides as far as you can, like you’re an airplane.
  • Now raise them up again, back above your chest.
  • Repeat.
  • Do 3 sets of 10 of these every day. These workouts activate the muscles under the breasts, in upper chest and in the underarm location.

Pointer 2: The home treatment.

This home treatment includes just one active ingredient and the component is virgin olive oil.

Put some oil on your hands and rub it together. The finest way is to lay in your bed and to put pillows behind your back. Put each hand on each breast and begin to massage the breasts with the olive oil. Make 10 circles around each breast and you have ended up with the massage.

The oil makes your skin more elastic, however you ought to have a proper amount of oil on your hands. If you have more than you need to have, remove the oil with a bowel.

Repeat this procedure everyday or a minimum of 3 times at weak and your breasts will be perkier and firmer.


What Is Good Or Not In The Prevention Of Colon Cancer

There are foods that daily consumption can cause a healthier intestine.

In the past few years, more and more people suffering from colon cancer. The conditions that causes colon cancer and its spread are creating for years, which mean that more than one condition, affect the colon cancer. The most important factors that affect colon cancer are: nutrition, environment and genes, especially physical activity, which affects the most the proper functioning of the intestines.

Try to avoid:

  • fast food
  • sweets
  • nibbles
  • canned products
  • processed cereals
  • meat products.

You should avoid chips and crackers, sweets, as well as all other foods that contain high amounts of trans-fats. Sweets (candies) contain a lot of additives, and it is better for you to prepare a dessert at home. Canned products are particularly undesirable because they are filled with synthetic preservatives that irritate the intestinal walls.

Be especially careful with processed and red meat, it is necessary in your diet, but it is better to buy natural meat of the rural people you know, rather than buying meat products from the factory.

These foods are recommended:

  • onion
  • fish
  • fruits and vegetables
  • Olive oil, lard
  • Milk and milk products

These foods will keep healthy your intestines, but always keep in mind where did you purchase them.


Women Who Earn Less than This Have Twice Bigger Chances of Having a Heart Attack!

The connection between heart attacks and stress is well known, yet it is not clear if there is a certain type of stress that increases the risk of having a heart attack. However, according to recent research, money issues increase the risk of a heart attack for women.

The researchers used data from the Women’s Health Study, and this long-term study followed 267 women. These women, with average age 56, all had suffered a heart attack during study period. This research analyzed these women’s stressful experiences.

For the sake of comparison, additional 281 women, who were at similar age and had similar risk factors were analyzed, but they had not had a heart attack.

At the start of the research, the women provided necessary information like discovering that their husband has cheated, incurring an injury or losing a job. These experiences were classified into a life-threatening illness, death of a spouse or a child and serious assault.

According to the results of the study, women who were making less than $50,000 a year had a double risk of having a heart attack. Having a traumatic life experience also elevated the risk by 65 %, in spite of the income of the women.

However, it is still unknown what causes a heart attack in women who have not had heart problems prior to that. Most of the research was conducted on people who have had a heart attack previously, according to Dr. Michelle Albert, a cardiologist.

Men and women are affected by stress differently. Heart disease affects them differently as well, and it is leading death cause in America, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Despite the fact that the chances of a heart attack are bigger for men, women cope heart attacks more difficulty. Around 25 % of women who experience a heart attack are going to die in the first year. The percent is 20 for men. According to a study from 2014, younger people, especially women, who have experienced a heart attack have longer hospital stays when compared to men.

Mainly, women are more susceptible to develop a heart disease 10 years later compared to men. According to previous research, this may be as a consequence of insulin, the hormone responsible for controlling the blood sugar levels. The risk of a cardiovascular disease can be increased by insulin resistance. Nevertheless, according to a study from 2013, women cope with insulin resistance better than men.

The newest study, which was presented on Wednesday (April 29) shows that there is a need for further research on what causes cardiovascular diseases, especially in those women whose socioeconomic resources are limited.


3 Amazing Ways To Remove Blackheads and Acne from Your Face Naturally!

Nobody likes blackheads on nose and face. Blackheads are clogged pores which are the result of excess oil, produced by the sebaceous glands (oil glands). Excess oil is usually produced due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, menstruation, eating lot of fried foods, excessive use of oil based cosmetic products etc.

There are several blackhead removal products in market but they often use some chemicals which can harm your skin.

Try this 3 step method to remove blackheads fast and naturally.


Boil water and let that water cool down for a while. Pour this boiled water on to a small face towel. Take the soaked towel and clean the areas where you have blackheads as it helps to open up the pores and makes it easy to extract the blackheads.


You’ll need :
Squeeze some toothpaste in a bowl, add salt into it. Mix them together with your toothbrush. Now gently scrub your nose with this toothbrush but be gentle, don’t overdo, just do it for 2 minutes. After that wash it off with normal tap water.


You’ll need :
-2 tablespoon yoghurt,
-2 tablespoons Multani Mitti(Fuller’s Earth)
-1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Add all the above ingredients, adding lemon juice in the end. Mix it well to make a paste. If you feel that it is too thick, add some more lemon juice. Now apply a thick layer of this mixture on your blackheads. Let it stay for 15 to 20 minutes, when it completely dry, wash it off with cool water.
The lactic acid in yogurt can help soften the skin, making it supple. Citric acid in lemon juice regulates the amount of oil you produce in your skin while cleansing and making your skin appear brighter. Multani Mitti absorbs excess oil, improves skin elasticity, removes dead skin cells and blackheads.


Common Causes of Constipation Which Most People Are not Aware of (plus a way to fix them)

Constipation is a very common condition and about 15 % of Americans are afflicted with it. Some of the signs are swollen abdomen, straining to have bowel movements (having hard stools) and having irregular movements.

Apart from being painful and uncomfortable, chronic inflammation can also increase the risk of other health problems. Some of the most serious are gastric and colorectal cancer.

What Are the Causes of Chronic Constipation?

Chronic constipation can be caused by a number of things. The first is probably the lack of fiber, but there are much more that we are not aware of.

Food allergies/sensitivities and gut health can also lead to constipation. The first thing you need to do is find out the cause of the inflammation. You can do this in a number of different ways, but starting with eliminating certain foods from your diet is an excellent starting point. What you need to do next is consume healing foods so that you can heal your body from the inside.

The next step you need to take is healing the gut. This can either be simple or complicated. What you need to do is start taking a good probiotic and consulting with a nutritionist, functional medicine doctor or health practitioner is an excellent idea.

5 Best Ways to Halt Constipation

  1. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  2. Make sure your diet is rich in fiber
  3. Do exercise on a regular basis
  4. Take a quality probiotic
  5. Do not consume foods which cause inflammation

Prunes are famous for their ability to relieve constipation, but dates are a good alternative as well, and they are a potent natural source which can help soothe constipation.

Dates are abundant in a number of minerals, vitamins, they have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. To be more precise, they are rich in riboflavin, B vitamins, iron, pantothenic acid, thiamine, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Their content of potassium is 64% higher than the bananas’ content. Additionally, they are rich in natural sodium and soluble fiber, which is excellent for preventing and also relieving constipation.

Having this information in mind, I decided to make the perfect drink which is helpful in case of constipation.

Spiced Date Coconut Milk

  • Full fat coconut milk- 1 cup
  • Dates-4 large
  • Ginger- 1/8 teaspoon
  • Cardamom- 1/8 turmeric
  • Cinnamon- ½ teaspoon
  • Sea salt- a pinch

In order to prepare this drink you need to boil around 2 cups of water. Make sure it is filtered. Next, pour the water over the pitted dates. Leave them soak for an hour and then remove and then take them out of the water. Next, put the spices, the coconut milk and the dates into a blender and blend till all of the ingredients are frothy and well blended. Warm the mixture a little, pour it in your mug and enjoy.


Watch How Your Teeth Whiten in Just 2 Minutes With This Homemade Remedy

We all want a perfect smile, and the appearance of the teeth is a key element of leaving a good impression when getting to know the other person.

If you want to have a perfect smile, the first step is to maintain a good oral hygiene. We give you the perfect home remedy that you should use if you want to whiten your teeth in just 2 minutes.

You do not have to spend money on expensive treatments at the dentist. To get the smile you desire, use this trick.

All you need is a few simple and easily available ingredients that can be found in every store: lemon and baking soda.

Follow these steps:

  1. Apply one tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl.
  2. Cut the lemon in half.
  3. Squeeze the lemon so you get a tablespoon of juice.
  4. Add the lemon juice in the bowl with the baking soda and stir the ingredients.
  5. Take a napkin.
  6. With the use of the napkin remove the mixture from the bowl and apply it on your teeth.
  7. Place the remedy on the teeth and allow it to act for two minutes.
  8. Thoroughly rinse the mouth and teeth and you will get the result that you have wanted. Look in the mirror and you will notice that you have whiter teeth than before.
You should not repeat this treatment often because it will damage your tooth enamel.  Use this remedy from time to time in order to avoid the negative consequences that can harm your teeth due to frequent use.